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Fantasy Baseball 2014: Stress Relief

Earning saves can be one of the most frustrating and complicated subjects in fantasy baseball. A variety of variables can affect whether your draft pick will receive opportunities or will be demoted. Take a dive with me as I visit the current closing situations for all major league baseball teams. Which closers are secure? Is your closer’s leash getting tighter? Let’s find out!

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Fantasy Baseball 2014: Busted or Belated Bloom?

Are you at the top or the bottom of your league’s fantasy baseball standings? Hopefully your early picks are performing well because I can guess your ranking if they aren’t. Take a dive with me as we review several disappointments that were drafted in early rounds. Whether your star is injured, suffering from a slow start, or on the cusp of a huge breakout, please take a look and judge for yourself.

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Fantasy Baseball 2014 – Stats You Need to Know

With opening day around the corner, fantasy baseball managers are either prepping for their draft or evaluating their teams. I have provided a "spattering" of facts collected from 2013. You may view some of these statistics as valuable, while others...not so valuable.  You are the judge.

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Fantasy Baseball: New Digs for 2014

No one likes moving! Moving trucks, boxes and unpacking can be a major bummer! Several fantasy baseball sluggers have moved to new teams for 2014. Take a dive with me as we review each of these players’ situations to see if you should target them in your fantasy baseball draft or let the next guy (or girl) take them.

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Rebound or Repeat: 2014 Pitchers’ Edition

Fantasy Baseball leagues are won by occasionally taking risks. Whether you grab a potential rebound candidate or take a shot on a sleeper who will be inheriting a starting job, one or two players can make the difference. Take a dive with me as I discuss several former top aces that may be headed for a "lights out" 2014 season or may be "done."  Choose wisely!

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Rebound or Repeat: 2014 Batters’ Edition

Which hitters are going to rebound in 2014? Whether injury, age, lineup or other factors may be to blame, several key fantasy baseball studs underperformed last year. With these names now going later in drafts, let’s discuss which players may be worth taking a chance on.

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The Weekly Catch: Ramping Up!

With the All-Star break in the rear view mirror, it is time to ramp up your team for the second half of the season! With a few first-round picks battling injuries and now suspended, filling in gaps and obtaining the most value in a trade or via the waiver wire is an absolute must if you plan to win your league. Take a dive with me as we review several pickups and trade targets.

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The Catch: Wild Wild NL West

Temperatures are rising in the West. Tempers are rising the National League West! Take a dive with me as take a look at the wild NL West along with several potential pickup or trade targets to strengthen your team.

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The Weekly Catch: Late Bloom or Gloom

With a month-and-a-half of the baseball season in the rear view mirror, many owners are shaking their heads with a few key players. While a few sleepers have emerged, some early first- and second- round picks appear to still be … asleep! Take a dive with me as I review several of these names in “The Weekly Catch.”

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The Weekly Catch

We have completed our first month of fantasy baseball. Only five more long months! Now is the time to take a chance on that replacement closer, potential future ace or breakout slugger. Let’s take a look at several players that may provide value to your team. Are they simply on a hot streak, or can they provide for your team season long?

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The sports headlines seem to cover the New York Yankees more than any other team. This season is no different. However, the attention is not the New York Yankees’ payroll or rivalry with the Boston Red Sox, but rather their injury situation. Fantasy owners and Yankee fans alike have been monitoring each update on several key players with hopes of a rapid recovery. Take a dive with me as I review the New York Yankees in “Yank’d.”

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Diary of an Expert League: Beginning of the End

Hope your fantasy baseball season was a success. Where did you finish? Are you already in full “football” mode since your team did not make the playoffs?  Or, are you battling over the next two days in the finals to take home your fantasy baseball trophy?

Take a dive with me as review several “busts” and “bests” from the Sharks team this season. Hopefully you had more bests than busts!

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Diary of an Expert League: Acceptance

The final week. I have managed the Sharks team all season as we come to a close after this week. I believe we will fall anywhere from sixth to eighth. However, we will make a very strong push this week to edge out our opponents in several categories.

Hopefully you are preparing and building a strategy for this extra long week in hopes of bringing home your fantasy baseball trophy. If you are in a rotisserie league or head-to-head league, take a dive me with as review several key players that will make a difference in the last full week of the regular season.

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Diary of an Expert League: Locked Up

Are you still fighting each day in your rotisserie league? Or, are you battling head to head in the playoffs and looking for an edge?   As playoff seeding continues to heat up. fantasy baseball fans recognize that we are close to the end of another great season.

Take a dive with me as I continue to manage the Sharks team in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Experts League.  

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Diary of an Expert League: Crunch Time

With only a few weeks left in the baseball season, every move you make will be even more important.  Did you make the playoffs in your head to head league?  Are you looking to move up a slot or two in your rotisserie league?

In the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Experts League, the Sharks team continues to fight as we sit in 6th place.  Realistically, we are a few couple wins and steals from fourth place.  However, little movement was made last week.  Take a dive with me as we review a few players to either start or bench as we hit crunch time!

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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers September 9

It would be easy to get caught up in the onslaught of fantasy football and the kickoff of the new season this week, but if you find yourself in the midst of a competitive battle in baseball, now is the time to capitalize on other owners’ inattention.   You have fought too hard over the lengthy and involved season to lose focus now.   Here is the help you need to get a strong lineup on the field this week.  

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Diary of an Expert League: Treading Water

Hope you had a great Labor Day!   As the heat begins to finally subside, the smell of barbecues fill the air, and kids return to school, we look forward to the final month of the regular season.  The Fantasy Sharks team currently sits in seventh place.   Pitching and batting both took a dip this week, but we remain hopefully to jump a few spots this month.

Take a dive with me as we review several key players that I hope make a difference on my team and yours.  Good luck!

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Diary of an Expert League: Weathering the Heat

Are you weathering the heat? The last few weeks have been chock full of headlines including playoff races, blockbuster trades, exceptional performances and failed drug tests. Many of these events have major impacts in the fantasy baseball world.

The Fantasy Sharks Team sits in sixth place and continues to battle in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association’s Experts League. Take a dive with me as we review several headlines and performances over the last week.

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Diary of An Experts League: Treading Water

As the homestretch of the baseball season approaches, where you do sit in your league?  Are you lucky enough to be fighting for a bye in your head to head league?  Or, are you clawing and scratching every day trying to secure a playoff spot or catch the team ahead of you in your roto league?

With the Fantasy Sharks team sitting in fifth place in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association Experts League, I continue to battle with third place in near view.  Take a dive with me as we review several key performances from the last week.

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