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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers April 23rd

Weekly fantasy owners get a bit of reprieve this week after the early Monday opener on Patriot’s Day last week.   The first game slated for this week is a four o’clock start.   Take advantage of the extra time and get your lineup fine tuned while considering your players track record against this weeks’ foes.  

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Through The Wire

Fantasy leagues are almost always won and lost on the waiver wire. Keep up to date with the week’s hottest pickups and stay a step ahead of the competition.

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On The Farm – April 20

The second installment of our Farm report focuses again around some names that you already know, and others that you need to be aware of.   We will try and keep you informed as some of the best minor league prospects make their way onto this page!  

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Diary of an Expert League: “Rolling In the Deep”

Is your first- or second-round pick off to a slow start? Be patient and don’t be alarmed as several late-round picks are off to torrid starts. Roster depth is imperative as injuries and slumps can seem overwhelming.

Take a dive with me as I review my week in the Experts’ league and focus on several key players on my team, which you may also have or be targeting in a trade.

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Digging Deep: Life in the Minors

Just call them the Barnstorming Yankees. The Triple-A Scranton/Wilkes-Barre (Empire State) Yankees have begun their 2012 journey that will have them on the road all season due to a $40 million renovation project at their home diamond, PNC Field.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers April 16

It’s time to get those weekly lineups set again. Take a peek at the players with good matchups and take note of those with a tough road ahead of them as you prepare for the upcoming week. Don’t forget to take advantage of our analysis of the two start pitchers slated for this week to see if they stand to give you a leg up on your opponent or if they could be more of a liability.

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Through the Wire

Fantasy leagues are almost always won and lost on the waiver wire. Keep up-to-date with the week’s hottest pickups and stay a step ahead of the competition.

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Ozzie owns up

While you certainly can't agree with what he said, you have to give credit to Ozzie Guillen for at least admitting the error of his comments. Miami Marlins skipper Ozzie Guillen, who is no stranger to odd rants over the years, finally went too far when he was quoted to say,"I love Fidel Castro" during an interview with Time Magazine that came out in early April.

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Daily 10 – April 12

We're now a full week into actual game action.  We're here to keep you informed on trends, and help you start targeting the foes in your league who are ready to press the panic button.

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Digging Deep: Future Metropolitan Arms

The New York Mets are trying to right the ship in Buffalo. And it’ll all start on the hill. Two of the Mets’ top pitching prospects will start the season in Buffalo and, if all goes right, fans in Buffalo may be able to see the top four arms in the Mets system this summer.

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Diary of an Expert League: Opening Day Blues

Say goodbye to spring training because the regular season has finally arrived. Many surprises have already occurred with numerous injuries, hot starts for several potential Cinderella teams, and early disappointment for the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees.  

Take a dive with me as I review my week competing in the Fantasy Sports Trade Association league and analyze several of my key players, which you may also own on your team.

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You probably watched more baseball this past weekend then you will watch in some months later on this summer, so, not surprisingly, when you’re looking at that 10.80 earned run average and one home run, you feel the need to shake things up. I’m here to tell you not to. If this weekend happened on Aug. 10, would you be scrambling around the waiver wire like you are right now? Of course not. There are some things to take away from Week 1, but blowing up your team isn’t one of them.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Two Start Pitchers

Each week we will take a look at the upcoming fantasy schedule and analyze that week’s matchups in search of the pitchers who have favorable matchups and those who have tough luck ahead of them. Here we will also examine the two start pitchers and whether they will give your team a strong boost in the pitching categories or whether you should avoid them.

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Marty Knows Prospects: Part 4

Part 4 of my prospect chat.

Again, we’re talking about prospects that may be a little bit off the radar, and some that may already be ones you’re watching. One prospect per team for now, and today we’re taking on the New York Yankees through the San Diego Padres.


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Diary of an Expert League: In the Beginning

Follow me this season as I lead the Fantasy Sharks in the highly touted  Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) Experts Fantasy Baseball League. This is my first season playing against the experts of the industry, so wish me luck as I lead my team into a season-long battle.

I will review key players, news and performances each week, so follow closely as you may also own some of these players on your teams. Game on!

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Daily 10: April 3

Throughout the season, most days during the week, one of our Baseball Sharks staff writers will be highlighting the top news items of the day and providing our analysis and opinion.

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The Daily 10: April 2

Throughout the season, most days during the week, one of our Baseball Sharks staff writers will be highlighting the top news items of the day and providing our analysis and opinion. In our first installment the focus will be on the many players that seem to be headed to the Disabled List.

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Marty Knows Prospects: Part Deux

Today, Part 2 of my prospect chat. Remember, I’m not here to talk about the elite level prospects unless I truly don’t see any other impact players on the horizon. I want to increase your awareness of some prospects that deserve recognition, but may not get it from other outlets. We’re here to keep you informed.

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Marty Knows Prospects: Volume One

If you’ve been paying attention at all to prospects, you know the basics.   You know that Bryce Harper is a special talent.   Mike Trout is going to be a star for many, many years. Matt Moore is the next coming of Sandy Koufax.   Jesus Montero is the best hitting ‘catcher’ to come along in years.   Sound familiar?   Throughout your research in trying to find the next big star, you’ve likely come across something that resembled the above.   I’m not here to tell you about these players.   Sure, I think they are special talents who are all going to have very successful MLB careers (Moore, in particular I’ve been following for years).   I want YOU to be the guy who is on top of the upcoming prospects before they get known to the mass-market media.   Throughout the year, this column will be dedicated to clueing you in on what is going down on the farm.   Come back weekly, and maybe you’ll hit gold in your prospect hunt!

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Rebound….or Regress?

The first round of players off the draft board several years ago looked very different than this season. Several big names suffered down seasons last year or even for a couple years.  However, these players also have proven track records of success and will provide huge value if they bounce back. 

Take a dive with me as we review several players that may rebound in 2012, or may continue to regress.

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The Boys of Spring

It was 81° today where I live.   A few short minutes outside and you could easily be fooled in to believing that we were already steeped in the early dog days of summer.   The reality is that we are barely a week in to spring.   If you aren’t careful you could fall victim to the spring outings of players in the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues.   Here is rundown of players who I am often asked about and what their spring performances mean for the coming season.

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The Early-Mid Rounds: Separating from the Pack

You have a great start to your squad, but are now entering the make-or-break portion of the draft. A couple of misguided picks in this section and it can send your whole draft into a tailspin. The key words to remember at this juncture are balance and patience. Curveballs will be thrown your way, but just like on the diamond if you’re ready for them you will connect.

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Sharks Discuss the Under Rated: Aaron Hill

Fantasy owners look at him from a glass half empty perspective and say "Hill's peaked already and he'll never hit anything close to 36 HR's again like he did in 2009".   We couldn't agree more except that fantasy owners are downgrading him far too much in their evaluation.

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Sharks Discuss the Overrated: Melky Cabrera

Unless you’re in a deep league, Melky Cabrera probably isn’t on your radar screen as he projects as a third or fourth outfielder. While it seems like he’s been around forever, he’s actually just 27 and is coming off a career year with the Kansas City Royals, posting a .305 average, 18 home runs, 102 runs scored, 87 runs batted in, 27 stolen based. Step back … those are some impressive numbers!

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Three Up, Three Down-Pitchers

We have looked at the position players that you want to grab and the ones you want to avoid in your upcoming fantasy baseball draft, but that is only half the battle. Here is a look at some pitchers you should be willing to reach for and others that you should let other owners overpay for.

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