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RB Saquon Barkley NYG

Is Saquon Barkley back to dominating the backfield? Can Russell Wilson and the Denver offense get it going or is Wilson going to be a bust? David Grey will breakdown all the matchups in this week’s edition of the “Grey ...

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FANTASY FOCUS: Looking forward to 2021

RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire KCC

This was a weird year for all rookies, and Edwards-Helaire entered a backfield that many did not want to admit was a timeshare. Last year, no running back had over 500 rushing yards for Kansas City, and the team has had just one 1,000-yard rusher over the last five years.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Decisions, Decisions

Keenan Allen and Terrell Edmunds

The game ends and Keenan Allen finishes with a measly 1 catch for 17 yards. That’s it. Under 3 points in a PPR league when he received 147 targets throughout the year. Disaster most definitely not avoided.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Late Season Trends

RB Antonio Gibson WAS

It defies all logic, but here we are. And let me further add that if you have Antonio Gibson or James Robinson on your rosters, you not only have a potential league-winning player for the 2020 season, but easily one of the top five keeper prospects for 2021 and beyond.

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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Keke Coutee, WR, Houston

WR Keke Coutee HOU

Is it possible Keke Coutee was just mismanaged by a terrible coach? Sure, absolutely. It’s also possible his wounds were self-inflicted. Once he entered the doghouse no one on the team stuck their neck out for him. The range of potential outcomes are vast, but this is an add now ask questions later game.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Let’s Get Ethical

RB Darrell Henderson LA Rams

Admit it, you kind of forgot about him, didn’t you? It’s OK, he doesn’t know you did, but you can tell me. Darrell Henderson left early in the Week 8 contest against Miami with what would later be diagnosed as a quad injury, and with the bye last week, he may have become lost in the shuffle of the last couple weeks.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Late-Season Scenarios

RB Dalvin Cook MIN and LB Adarius Taylor TB

… you need to be looking ahead at schedules, handcuffs and replacements. Yes, your players have gotten you to this point and for that you can congratulate and celebrate them. But what good does Dalvin Cook’s Week 8 performance do for you if he is … gasp … injured a week before they begin?

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RB Jonathan Taylor Indianapolis Colts

His role as a receiver has been largely disappointing during the last month, and now Jonathan Taylor’s rushing workload took a hit during the Indianapolis Colts’ Week 8 win over the Detroit Lions.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Halloween Special!


I’m dressed up as Matt Patricia today. Tomorrow I am going to be a “Rocker Troll” from the movie Trolls 2. Friday? Michael from “The Good Place.” And last but certainly not least, Heath Ledger’s Joker on Saturday.

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Why not Antonio Brown? Great situation, still (in theory) able to produce and should cost you absolutely nothing to acquire right now and hold onto. If he is still available, absolutely take a chance and cross your fingers he doesn’t screw up.

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WR Tee Higgins CIN

Believe it or not, as much as I have poo-pooed (official fantasy terminology) A.J. Green’s performance this year, I think his week 6 breakout is a good thing for Higgins moving forward. There is no doubt that Joe Burrow has a connection with Higgins and the more defenses can move away from Higgins, the better.

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KEEPING AHEAD: High Fives with MJ

WR Henry Ruggs Las Vegas

The mess just keeps coming. Dak Prescott out. Le’veon cut. A.J. Green quit. More positive tests shutting down facilities – currently the Atlanta Falcons (and their opponent, the Vikings) are the latest potential COVID-impacted teams. Like I said, it’s a ...

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WR Darius Slayton, NYG

The Giants have the perfect recipe for fantasy success for a wideout – their defense is horrid, they have no running game, the competing wideouts are not good, but just good enough to warrant some coverage by opposing defenses, and, while it can be argued this isn’t wonderful, Daniel Jones loves to throw to him.

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With his skills declining at age 32, I suspect that A.J. Green knows the team is phasing him out of the offense. I also suspect he’ll have the world’s slowest healing hamstring. Dump Green and get another player with some value before it’s too late.

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RB James Robinson Jacksonville Jaguars

COVID running all over the NFL, but the rookies don’t care! Remember – these are players who your keeper/dynasty teams should absolutely be prioritizing for immediate use and future production in the coming years. Let’s get going. James Robinson – ...

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RB James Robinson Jacksonville Jaguars

I’m going to try not to mince words here. James Robinson is the keeper target of the year so far. This is James Conner, David Johnson, Alvin Kamara – the player that no one knows, that was drafted super late or not at all, that will become a keeper top-15 running back for years to come.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Trade Season Tips

RB Myles Gaskin MIA

Given the amount I write about Florida teams in these articles (see Laviska Shenault, James Robinson, Preston Williams, and the demise of Ronald Jones) you would think I bought a big honkin’ Cadillac, put on some aqua-colored polyester pants, and moved into a planned community these days.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Numbers Are Dumb

RB Raheem Mostert SF

On paper, this seems fantastic, and if you started Mostert (I did!) you were rewarded with a big fantasy output far higher than his draft stock would have suggested. But the numbers don’t really tell the full story.

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KEEPING AHEAD: Week 1 – Setting Your Lineup

WR Christian Kirk ARI & CB Casey Hayward LAC

Frankly, setting your lineup each week is a stress-inducing, second-guessing forming nightmare that will either leave you shouting your genius or lamenting your every decision come Sunday. Do you play the guy on Thursday? Which RB2 do you sit? This quarterback or that quarterback???

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KEEPING AHEAD: Keeper League Prospecting in 2020

WR Darius Slayton, NYG

In his final seven games as a rookie, Slayton absolutely exploded, nabbing 31 catches for 467 yards and five touchdowns. These are hard numbers to ignore, and left simply with that, and the budding relationship with Daniel Jones, and you have enough of a reason to invest in him long term.

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5 UP/5 DOWN: Week 12


If Dak Prescott’s hot streak is to continue, he’s going to have to earn it, as his upcoming schedule includes a road game against that powerful New England defense next Sunday before following that up with a home game against another tough defense in Buffalo.

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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Derrius Guice, RB, Washington

RB Derrius Guice WAS

The Redskins travel to Buffalo this week before going on bye and all reports indicate Guice intends to return after the bye week and the Redskins only have incentive to deploy him to his full extent. Week 11 will present the perfect opportunity to give Guice the keys and evaluate him for next year’s purposes.

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