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Fantasy News of the Week – 10/4

Will Seattle get a boost on offense this week? Why has Derek Anderson struggled so much in 2008? Who is crying in Jacksonville? How will the Bucs secondary handle Marshall and Co. this week?  And why isn't John Fox frustrated with his offense yet? Plus, find out the lowdown on a few key injuries heading in to week five, and see and hear me speak out on the "true" NFL!

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Randy Moss…You are who we thought you were!

How does Ronnie Brown rush for 4 touchdowns against the New England defense? That is just insane. New England was probably the #1 defensive play this weekend. After losing to the Dolphins 38-13, I’ve decided that Tom Brady should be the MVP this season. You heard me, he’s finished the season 7-of-11 for 76 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions and a QB rating of 83.9, but should be MVP. If an MVP is judged by the effect he has on his team then there is no doubt that Brady is worthy. The loss of Brady has had two huge effects on the Patriots. The first is that it has turned Randy Moss into the Oakland Raider version of Randy Moss.

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Fantasy News of the Week – 9/20

What's in store for Steven Jackson? Will Joey Galloway play in week three?  What is Steve Smith's mindset coming back from suspension? Is Anquan Boldin's contract situation a distraction in the desert? Is Kerry Collins ready to take the Titans to the next level? Plus, find out who's on the list of injuries, see who tops the team defensive stats and hear me speak out on the Brett Favre-Aaron Rodgers comparisons.

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Fantasy News of the Week- 9/13

Will iron man Tomlinson play this week? Is Jamaal Charles getting more touches in week 2?  How many offensive linemen will it take to destroy the Jaguars' potent rushing attack? What's really up with Vince Young? Does Jeff Garcia truly deserve to be benched? How many injuries will it take to bring the Saints down? How will two receivers who have a combined nine NFL receptions fare this week as the Seahawks starters? Plus, see the latest injury breakdown of key players, find out what Terrell Owens said about a former teammate and hear me speak out on Tony Romo's girl.

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Bye-Bye Brady

Hear that? It’s the sound of me eating my words. Last month, I wrote an article that explained why ‘history’ shouldn’t be used as a reason to discount Tom Brady’s chances for another monster season. Well, Brady is done for the year (man, it feels weird to be writing that sentence). In the fantasy community, Tom will be lumped in with Manning, Marino and Warner; he’ll be seen as a victim of the 40+ TD hangover.

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Fantasy News of the Week – 9/6

Football season is here, and even though the Thursday night game between the Giants and Redskins was far from exciting, there's still plenty to look forward to this Sunday. Who will step up in Philly? Will Ricky Williams continue his comeback? Can Peyton perform with a rookie under center? And will somebody please sign Shaun Alexander already?! Plus the Shark Attack takes a look at a few key injuries, and hear me speak out on rookie running backs this week. 

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Fantasy News of the Week – 8/24

Is Marion Barber primed for a big season? Who will fill-in for Kevin Curtis in Philly? Will Aaron Rodgers shed his Hulk Hogan look? What will Chris Perry and Chris Henry do with their new opportunities? Who can the Panthers turn to without Steve Smith? Who's making headlines in the Shark News? Plus, a few preseason quotes, including one from the commissioner himself about the late Gene Upshaw. And did I mention there's a new feature? See all of it in this week's edition of Fantasy News.  

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Fantasy News of the Week- 8/17

Plax and his brittle ankle, JaMarcus and his strong developing arm, Johnson and his blazing speed, Garcia and Galloway and their aging muscles, Brown and his fragile label, the Steelers and their porous defense and Cutler and Marshall with their new, strong relationship all headline this week's fantasy news. Plus, find out the latest on Jonathan Stewart, camp/preseason quotes, and a little insight on a few sleepers.

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