Sunday - Sep 24, 2023

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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Keke Coutee, WR, Houston

WR Keke Coutee HOU

Is it possible Keke Coutee was just mismanaged by a terrible coach? Sure, absolutely. It’s also possible his wounds were self-inflicted. Once he entered the doghouse no one on the team stuck their neck out for him. The range of potential outcomes are vast, but this is an add now ask questions later game.

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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Matt Breida, RB, Miami

RB Matt Breida MIA

Saturday's blowout win over San Francisco was the first time that Matt Breida hit that double-digit touch number this year, so why am I recommending adding him? In this game you don't want to be relying on waiver priority to get a player after he becomes an obvious add, like Mattison this week; you need to get in before it happens.

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FLAVOR OF THE WEEK: Derrius Guice, RB, Washington

RB Derrius Guice WAS

The Redskins travel to Buffalo this week before going on bye and all reports indicate Guice intends to return after the bye week and the Redskins only have incentive to deploy him to his full extent. Week 11 will present the perfect opportunity to give Guice the keys and evaluate him for next year’s purposes.

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