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Charles in Charge?

If you haven’t heard, Larry Johnson has a new book out appropriately titled “LJ’s Guide to Picking up Chicks in a Nightclub.” Chapter 1 jumps right into the sure-fire pushing-her-to-the-ground-during-an-argument tactic, a move he popularized about three years ago in a

Kansas City nightclub. Chapter 2 details the ever-useful open-hand-head-push technique that he mastered in a

Kansas City bar back in February 2008. I haven’t tried it yet myself, but my still single, 30+ year-old friends say it works like a charm. Chapter 3 goes on to show how to properly brandish a gun during an argument with a chick. Although I’ve yet to try it myself, this would surely win you an argument with any woman, and you’ll have her heart in your hands forever. His latest chapter describes how to properly spit in the face of that hot little thing you’ve got your eye on, something he allegedly did during his most recent “altercation” with a woman at a

Kansas City nightclub during the Chiefs bye week this season. How can you go wrong with that move?

In all seriousness, a suspension might be looming for Larry “The Lover Boy” Johnson, and of course more importantly, there will be fantasy ramifications. Romeo was suspended last week by coach Herm Edwards for a violation of team rules having nothing to do with his off-the-field love spats.

Kolby Smith got most of the work with Prince Charming out, but only managed 20 yards on 10 carries, albeit against a stout

Tennessee rushing defense giving up only 89.5 rushing yards a game. Explosive rookie Jamaal Charles almost outgained Smith on only three carries, gaining 17 yards. Charles also caught four balls for 26 yards in the passing game, leaving many wondering why Charles wasn’t the feature back to begin with. Don’t forget, the Chiefs put a good amount of stock into Charles by drafting him 10th in the third round in the most recent NFL draft, and for good reason. His last year at

Texas, Charles rushed for 1,619 yards on 258 attempts facing quality defenses, and he also added 18 TDs. He possesses world-class track speed, has a plethora of shifty moves and is a great receiver out of the back field. In fact, he’s averaging 4.8 YPC on 24 rushing attempts and 5.9 yards per catch on 16 receptions

this season with the Chiefs. Compare this to Smith’s 2.8 YPC on 14 rushing attempts and 4.6 yards per catch on eight receptions, and it’s clear who

should get more opportunities during an LJ absence.

Dr. Mr. Edwards, get Jamaal Charles the damn ball.


Kansas City is an overall pathetic team, and regardless of who gets more touches, there will be some kind of split. However, further examination shows that the

Kansas City running game should be a factor in fantasy-land during the most important fantasy weeks. Three of the Chiefs’ last five regular season opponents currently rank in the bottom

nine rushing defenses in terms of yards per game (


Denver and

Cincinnati). Those three teams have also given up a total of 26 rushing TDs thus far.  None of the other teams they play at the end of their schedule are particularly stout against the run either.

We all know

Kansas City is primarily a rushing offense, although their paltry defense is making that difficult. But with so many problems at QB with injuries and bad play, they will try to focus even more on the running game. Though, when they are forced to pass, Charles is clearly the better receiver.

In my opinion, Jamaal Charles is the man to own between himself and Kolby Smith, so pick him up now if he’s available in your league.

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