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Chris Berman, Eat Your Heart Out!

Maybe The Swami is burned
out from his work on Sportscenter, NFL Primetime, and Sunday NFL Countdown,
because I haven’t heard a good Bermanism in years!

  To fill the void, here are 25 new ones.

  Feel free to taunt and antagonize your
fantasy football opponents with them after a big score.

  Mr. Berman, please feel free to use them on
air as I patiently await my royalty check.


1.   Anquan
Boldin “The Beautiful”

2.   Mason
Crosby “Stills And Nash”

3.   Ronald
“Chicken Shrimp” Curry

4.   DeMarcus
Ware “In the World Is Carmen San Diego?”

5.   Ladell
“Place Your” Betts

6.   Joey
Gall “And” oway “He Goes”

7.   Jamal
Lewis “And Clark”

8.   Laurence
Maroney “The San Francisco Treat”

9.   Kevin
“Who’s The” Boss

10. Edgerrin
“Bartles And” James

11. Willie
Parker “Lewis Can’t Lose”


12. DeShaun
Foster “That’s German for Beer”

13. Frank
“A” Gore “aphobia”

14. Dominic
Rhodes “Where We’re Going We Don’t Need Rhodes”

15. DeAngelo
Williams “Sanoma”

16. Vince
Young “And The Restless”

17. Andre
Hall “You Need Is Love”

18. Donald
“Backseat” Driver

19. Randy
“A Rolling Stone Gathers No” Moss

20. DeShawn
Wynn “Place Or Show”


21. Kevin
Faulk “Me?


  Faulk You.”

22. Bubba
Franks “And Beans”

23. Jason
“It’s” Wright “Where You Left It”

24. Antonio
“The Pearly” Gates

25. Matt
Stover, “Matt Stover, We Want You To Come Over”

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