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COMBINE THOUGHTS: Quarterbacks & Running Backs

After watching and examining the combine, I will be writing a few pieces on some of the players in each positional group. First up are the quarterback and running back position. Let’s Dive In!


In the most important position in the NFL, 2017 is considered a weak draft class by most scouts. Certain players needed solid interviews and workouts to improve their draft stock and show their talent in person.

DeShaun Watson (QB) Clemson

For a player that made two consecutive National Championships and played well against the most NFL type defense in college football (Alabama), he has a lot of question marks but there are also a lot of traits we know he already possesses:

  1. He knows how to win.
  2. He proved what we already knew before the combine — that he is likely the most athletic quarterback in the draft.
  3. He looked sharp with on-field drills and his throws were tight.

He might have proven himself on the field and in the interviews as worthy of being a Top 10 selection.

Patrick Mahomes (QB) Texas Tech

Mahomes is the most impressive arm in the class as he has a cannon and makes it look absolutely easy.  I think he goes in the 1st round to a team that has a great quarterback developer that can teach him the mental aspects of the game. Hue Jackson (Browns),  Bruce Arians (Cardinals), Bill O’Brien (Texans), Andy Reid (Chiefs),  Kyle Shanahan (49ers) are the teams I expect to take a chance on him early in the Draft, somewhere within the first two rounds.

Nathan Peterman (QB) Pittsburgh

If I had a sleeper quarterback in this draft, right now it would be Peterman. I think he could turn out to be a very decent quarterback in the league.  The right system and situation give him a chance to be somewhat successful as he has all the pro-style tools and did show that on the field during workouts. He will likely go Day 2 and get a chance to start within a few years or maybe even his rookie year if he lands in the right spot.

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