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Complete Fantasy Playoff Analysis

In-Depth Fantasy Playoff Strategies & Rankings


For those that are in playoff pools and have fantasy drafts this week, I have come up with some notes and strategies that can help you win it all. Who will be one and done? What teams have the potential to play the most games? How does the bye affect the stock of some players? Read here to find out …


First Round Byes

: Titans, Steelers, Giants, Panthers



: For those that are in pools where you submit one lineup for the playoffs and you can select your own lineup, I advise you to take players from 2-4 teams. The four teams that you think will go to the NFC and AFC Championship games are the teams you want to grab players from.


If your starting lineup requires 9 positions, for example, do not 9 players from 7 different teams. You will wind up cancelling yourself out by the time the championship games come and people who loaded up on 2-4 teams will have the advantage on you. For example:


Let’s say the Eagles play the Steelers in the Super Bowl:


Team 1:

D. McNabb

B. Westbrook

W. Parker



H. Ward

R. Wayne

H. Miller

Steelers D

D. Akers


Team 2:

D. McNabb

A. Peterson

B. Jacobs

L. Fitzgerald

S. Smith





Steelers D

J. Reed



: Team 1. Even though Team 2 has two Eagles and two Steelers in the Super Bowl, Team 1 has loaded up on four Eagles and four Steelers. This is just one example and it depends on the size of your pool. If there are a lot of participants, you must take players from only a few teams. If there is only a group of 10-12, then that is a different story.


The above situation refers to a pool where you select your own lineup and players can be on multiple teams. In drafts, strategy may be a bit different since you are limited by the players you can choose. I would still advise you to fill out your bracket and go after the players you have on the four teams in the championship games. If you hit three of the four teams, you should have a great shot of winning. It’s all about taking a chance to win these pools.



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