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OK. I’m the first to admit this hasn’t been a good week for me… it started when I was suddenly and unexpectedly got called to Kansas City for business. You know what’s great about spending two unplanned days in KC? Getting to leave.

Once I returned to civilization, I wrote my Lowdown column on literally zero hours sleep, and the quality shows. Not as bad as the tripe on ESPN, but bad enough to make me feel ashamed.

But there’s always tomorrow, as someone once said… so I woke up early and decided to make up for my shoddy work. I took the concept of my other weekly column, Consistency Rankings, and upgraded it. I spent some quality time with statistical texts this morning, then applied the newly-acquired knowledge to develop these new Consistency Plus ratings. These ratings combine consistency and performance into a single, easy-to-understand number.

So take advantage of my guilty conscience and make good use of Consistency Plus!

FYI- I’ll be producing these rankings earlier next week, so keep an eye for them next Friday.


By far, Tom Brady is the best QB to own in fantasy football… but you don’t need me to tell you that. But you might need me to point that Alex Smith is really, really good this season– and that Joe Flacco is really, really bad.

Running Backs

Kareem Hunt has been on a record-setting pace for a rookie, and is well-deserving of the top spot among RBs. But Chris Thompson is a major surprise at #3. Thompson, like the Bears’ Tarik Cohen, was thought of as a third-down back– until his talent became undeniable to the coaching staff. By the way: how great is it that the Top 10 is comprised of four rookies: Kareem Hunt, Tarik Cohen, Leonard Fournette and Dalvin Cook?

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