Thursday - Sep 24, 2020

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OK, it seems like these rankings are continuing to out-kick the coverage – people are telling me that they’re really helping them find some waiver wire gems. I’m thrilled to hear that, of course; but I’m beginning to think that calling these rankings Consistency Plus is doing them a disservice. Because as helpful as many people find them, I think a great number more pass them over thinking that they are only reflective of player consistency, not their overall value.

I guess I should turn to my main man Tom Casale for a better name for these things … he’s much more imaginative than I am (at least that’s what he tells me). Then again, maybe my editor could chime in here too … I don’t know. If anyone out there has any ideas, send them along.


Week 8’s epic shootout in Seattle resulted in Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson sitting atop the quarterback rankings. I’ve been on the Watson hype train for several weeks now, so I’m happy to see Mighty Max validate my enthusiasm for the rookie. If any of you are still Josh McCown haters, you need to get past it: McCown has been hovering near the bottom of QB1 territory for most of the season which is great if you need a quarterback as a bye week or injury replacement, since McCown is probably available in 10-team leagues and in most 12-team leagues.

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