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Consistency is King

Reader emails keep pouring in about how useful my Consistency Rankings have been for them this season. I have to admit, it’s a pleasant change-of-pace from the usual flood of emails begging me to retire from the fantasy industry.

A few of you have been asking if the same principles of consistency could be applied to Individual Defensive Player (IDP) rankings. I’d like to say “no,” that it’s too difficult a task; but the truth is I’ve been too lazy to write the algorithms.

So, after much soul-searching and being moved by the fraternal love that is the Sharks’ community (and the constant badgering of management that I provide “more value”), I’ve added Consistency Rankings for IDP players as well.

If anyone asks me for kicker IDP rankings, I might just have to join my old friend Tom Casale and just hang up my pen at the end of the season.

QB (left click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_QB (3)

I mentioned it a while ago, but you should really think about adding Colin Kaepernick too your team. Consider this: he’s averaging the same points per game as Dak Prescott, but he’s 18 percent more consistent than the Dallas rookie (19.92 CR vs. 23.58).

RB (left click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_RB (3)

You know who probably fools a lot of fantasy owners? LeSean McCoy and Theo Riddick. Consider that they are both in the Top 10 of running backs when it comes to points per game (Nos. 8 and 9, respectively), but their CR rankings (52.81 and 52.26, respectively) are not quite top tier – look at the No. 10 running back in terms of points per game, LeGarrette Blount. Blount is only 10 percent behind McCoy, but he’s nearly 30 percent more consistent than McCoy and Riddick.

WR (left click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_WR (3)

You gotta love Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown. Not only is Brown the top-scoring wide receiver on a points-per-game basis, he’s the 15th-most consistent. That may not sound too impressive, until you realize that several of the wide receivers who are more consistent are guys who are either injured or minor players with low points per game.

TE (left click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_TE (3)

A couple of consistently strong performances by Tennessee’s Delanie Walker have moved him up the charts. Walker now checks in as the No. 3 tight end when it comes to points per game scoring (14.38) but also is a Top 15 CR performer, after you discount bench players.

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