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Happy Thanksgiving!

Never let it be said that I stood between readers and their turkey. Enjoy your holiday and savor the football!


QB (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_QB (4)Aaron Rodgers is starting to produce more like the Rodgers of old: he’s the #2 QB in terms of PPG while clocking in as the fourth-most consistent QB in the NFL. That’s awesome. Tom Brady is tops when it comes to PPG, but his #13 ranking in terms of consistency may be surprising to some. The most consistent starting QB, Colin Kaepernick, is now a lock for 20 ppg.

RB (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_RB (4)

The top runners for overall performance and consistency continue to be Demarco Murray and David Johnson, but running backs in general are nowhere as consistent week-to-week as they have been in recent seasons. You can see a mini-renaissance happening in Indianapolis, where Frank Gore has been a steady and solid performer.

TE (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_TE (4)

Back-to-back disappointing performances by Greg Olsen has really hurt his standing; he’s now the #2 TE in terms of PPG and, while still a Quad I player, is starting to show some variance in his play. Jordan Reed would probably be considered the overall #1 TE, although one really needs to look at Eric Ebron as a good– but underrated– tight end.

WR (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_WR (4)

We all know the big names, but when looking at consistency and production, Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Thomas and Mike Wallace are doing a great job.

DL (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_DL (1)

The linemen might be the lowest-scoring IDP position, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a few consistently good performers– how about a couple of tackles out of New York that are probably underappreciated in your league: Leonard Williams and Damon “Snacks” Harrison.

LB (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_LB (2)

Top performer Luke Kuechly took a nasty hit last week and is out for the foreseeable future. But there’s plenty of consistently good LBs out there… how about Vontaze Burfict, Bobby Wagner, Zachary Orr and Craig Robertson, LBs who perform well every week.

DB (left-click twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_DB (1)

See the cluster of players around the median intersection in the DB chart? That means that most DBs tend to be pretty average and pretty consistent. Obviously, Landon Collins is head and shoulders above the rest of the pack, but guys like Keanu Neal and T.J. Ward are also standouts from the pack.

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