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The best type of player is one that puts up a lot of points on a consistent basis; to try and get a bead on this, I used a scatter plot to show each offensive position’s eligible players in terms of their Consistency Ranking and Average Points per Game (using a PPR format). After plotting each player, I divided the plot into quadrants using the median CR and PPG values (as opposed to using the mean, which is unduly influenced by outliers). Obviously, we’d want to use as many players from Quadrant 1 (“Quad1”) as possible.

QB (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_QB (7)

Aaron Rodgers holds the top spot among Quadrant I QBs, with the best combination of consistency and scoring. Let’s show a little love for guys like Kirk Cousins and Andy Dalton, guys who maintain an even keel while still putting up some decent scoring.

RB (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_RB (7)

David Johnson or Le’Veon Bell? This duo is the tops in the NFL, a great blend of performance and consistency. Have to admit that, while consistent, Doug Martin has been a bit disappointing this season, as his scoring is far below what many owners had counted on.

TE (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_TE (7)

Now that he’s gotten a few games under his belt this season, Tyler Eifert is clearly in the upper echelon of consistently good TEs. How about the value of Cameron Brate? Brate has been as pleasant surprise this season, consistently putting up roughly 11 PPR PPG.

WR (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_WR (7)

There’s clearly an upper echelon of receivers in the NFL, guys who cluster around the highest PPG and the lowest CR: Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Odell Beckham Jr., Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, T.Y. Hilton and A.J. Green.

DL (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_DL (4)

Khalil Mackthat is all.

LB (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_LB (5)

The top of the LB CR rankings are starting to cluster near the top a bit, with some players that might be out there for you to pick: Zachary Orr, Kiko Alonso, Sean Lee, and Vontaze Burfict.

DB (left double-click to enlarge)

CR_Targets_DB (4)

If you’re looking for IDP help this weekend, take a look at the Chargers’ Jahleel Addae. After missing eight games earlier in the season, Addae has put up some nice numbers at the safety position.

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