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Heads up, everyone! Since so many of you keep bothering me for more Consistency-related goodness, I decided to take advantage of some new data visualization tools and spin-off this additional column.

Finding the Value

The best type of player is one that puts up a lot of points on a consistent basis; to try and get a bead on this, I used a scatter plot to show each offensive position’s eligible players in terms of their Consistency Ranking and Average Points per Game (using a PPR format). After plotting each player, I divided the plot into quadrants using the median CR and PPG values (as opposed to using the mean, which is unduly influenced by outliers). Obviously, we’d want to use as many players from Quadrant 1 (“Quad1”) as possible:

QB (left click on image twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_QB (1)

Looking over the QB clustering, there’s little doubt about which QB should be the top choice for owners: Tom Brady, who sports the highest PPG, with a very low CR. Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees all are elite, but I still like Dak Prescott as a value starter, delivering consistent results as the 8th-highest PPG. Another QB to pick up off waivers? What about Colin Kaepernick, whose 8.10 CR is the best among starters and whose 17.10 PPG ranks 18th.

RB (left click on image twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_RB (1)

David Johnson, Le’veon Bell, Demarco Murray are all top performers at the RB position. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the fine comeback of Melvin Gordon, the 4th-best RB in PPR scoring, but also among the most consistent. Latavius Murray is also creeping into territory that would compel me to label him consistent and certainly worth keeping an eye on.

WR (left click on image twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_WR (1)

A.J. Green, Antonio Brown, Mike Evans, Amari Cooper all fine players. Should be obvious, but there’s a few receivers who are consistently good performers, like Jarvis Landry, Cooper’s teammate Michael Crabtree and Saints’ rookie WR Michael Thomas. Interestingly enough, Julio Jones— although a top overall scoring receiver, is not among the most consistent players prone to alternating great and average performances.

TE (left click on image twice to enlarge)

CR_Targets_TE (1)

Clearly, the class of the position are Jordan Reed and Greg Olsen. An opportunity on the waiver wire? See if Eric Ebron is available. Ebron came back from an injury last week, and might still be out on your wire– he’s a solid scorer who is fairly consistent.

The Full Monty

OK, I’m sure some of you will NOT trust my judgement on this issue and will be complaining in short order, so I’m including the full tables now… remember, the lower the CR, the more consistent the player!

(left click on image twice to enlarge)

CR-Top-Weekly (2)

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