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Couch Tomatoes – Week 7

Other than the Bears losing in OT, the Cubs sending impostors to play the Mets and one fantasy game I lost by about a single stinking fractional point, Sunday was a great day on the couch. I have been told that I was not fit to be around. Bonnie said that Toby just sat looking at me and trembling, not daring to utter even a tiny little bunny word.

I looked at her, realized she was serious and I reminded her in a kindly reassuring way, “Honey, Toby is a rabbit, he doesn’t really talk.” At that, Toby growled and spat out a booming “hey fat boy, you stupid old fart. At least I don’t follow losing sports teams and lose games I shouldn’t because my guy tweaked his whatsits and left the game early.” That hurt! Even the darn rabbit is a critic!

I tried to hit him with a doubled-handed remote smack, but he was too quick. Before I know it he was standing on his hind legs doing something that looked like a cross between the Wave and the Limbo. This taunting was more than any sane man can handle and I’ll let you know, I am far from sane. I was going to pounce on the little varmint, but I realized that it would take me too long to get off the floor and I would miss too much agony on that TV screen.

I waited patiently until Toby slipped into his cage. I put a towel over it and yelled, “hey bunny boy, try a little isolation—none of Bonnie’s snacks for you!” I sat down and got even—dipping all the carrots, including his share, in a yummy dip and thinking how I was going to cook that little pest one of these days. When I complimented Bonnie on the dip she replied “what dip? Did you eat out of Toby’s little litter bowl I made him?” I gagged, walked out the patio door and took a long walk, not returning for three minutes.

I cheered up thinking about what a great Thursday Night Football game was coming up to kick off Week 7—San Francisco and Seattle. Other than maybe Jacksonville versus Tampa Bay, what could be more special?

There was a lot to see from the couch last week…

Someone referred to WR Willie Snead as being a prospect in New Orleans. Well, for those keeping score at home, he is doing pretty well and is arguably Brees’ favorite target, a bit above mere prospect status.

Willie Snead     26-436-1
Brandin Cooks 29-361-1

Thank goodness for a strong offense, because the Falcons defense stinks. They are giving up the most weekly FP in the NFL, followed by Jacksonville and Detroit.

The top-5 scoring QBs on a FPPG basis are Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers and Cam Newton.

Ok, fellow couch experts—even though it is skewed by bye weeks, who had Philip Rivers and Andy Dalton to be running 1-2 in passing yards after Week 6?

Like Drew Brees has proven about his own situation, Andrew Luck’s arm is also in no imminent danger of falling out of the socket. Against the Patriots last week, his 30-of-50 passing for 310 yards with a 3/0 TD/INT game, along with 35 yards rushing seems to be a solid indicator that he is now good to go.

Excuse me for asking, was anyone else expecting a big old butt kicking by the Patriots against the Colts? The bad blood between these teams seemed to be leading to the ultimate revenge game. A 34-27 game was more like a light-handed slap on the cheek, rather than a loud statement-making punch on the jaw that I expected.

There was one other important thing to note in that game. At least for now, Dion Lewis and his high-scoring start of the season has been toned back to him being a mild-mannered 3rd-down back, with LeGarrette Blount getting the lion’s share of the fantasy goodies. Dion Lewis’ 4-21-0///3-18-0 Week 6 stat line was a crushing blow to point-starved fantasy players who thought they had a surprising stud.

Oh no! I just had those Green Bay “Blue Cheese” throwback jerseys flash into my mind. I had better ease up on these dementia pills.

The Jets, Broncos and Panthers are the toughest opponents for your players to match up with overall when it comes to scoring fantasy points.

Deleting the injured Jamaal Charles from the list, the top 5 fantasy scoring RBs are Devonta Freeman, Le’Veon Bell, Chris Ivory, Matt Forte and Dion Lewis.

Pass receiving RBs are important this year with the RB pool draining more week by week. Theo Riddick (33), Devonta Freeman (32) and Mark Ingram (27) are the Week 6 leaders in this important stat.

Devonta Freeman, the clear-cut surprise of 2015 thus far, also leads in TDs with 10. Nobody else has more than six.

According to the NFL Network, The Denver offense has scored 54 points and has been outscored by the defense that has 85 points so far. The bottom line is a 6-0 record, but Peyton Manning and the offense need to start contributing.

You can consider yourself fortunate if your RBs are matched up against the Falcons (36 FPPG) or Cowboys (33 FPPG). They are giving up the most RB fantasy points.

The stingiest team in giving up RB fantasy points is the Jets. At 16 FPPG, you might do well to start somebody not playing them if you can.

The top-5 fantasy scoring WRs are DeAndre Hopkins, Julio Jones, Larry Fitzgerald, Brandon Marshall and Julian Edelman.

Thanks to the Roethlisberger injury, Antonio Brown is conspicuously missing from the list. In fact, in this year of the unexpected, who would have thought that after six weeks Larry Fitzgerald would be leading Antonio Brown across the board in receptions, yardage and TDs?

In overall pass receptions, the leading WRs are Keenan Allen (53), DeAndre Hopkins (52) and Julius Jones (49).

Denver, San Diego and Seattle are all on the low side of the scale in giving up 25 FPPG to WRs.

The Chiefs (51 FPPG) and Ravens (47 FPPG) are a safe haven for teams looking to get big passing/receiving scoring with WRs doing very, very well so far.

There are still an ample number of undefeated teams—at 6-0 we have Cincinnati, Denver and Green Bay. At 5-0 New England and Carolina are also perfect.

With Detroit beating the Bears, all teams now have at least one win in the race to be the worst.

When we play fantasy football we are so busy with our teams that we forget about the football game as a whole. Be sure to remember that the answers to our fantasy football questions can usually be found within the numbers. And if all else fails ask me or Toby. You can reach us at All fantasy football questions are welcome.

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