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Could Bills Fans being hearing “Oh Canada?”

On December 30, the Buffalo Bills finished off another miserable 7-9, non-playoff year, their eighth straight season with no postseason berth.


As the New Year began, fans didn’t know what to expect. Then, one month later, came even worse news – the Bills would be playing eight games over the next five years in

Toronto’s Rogers Centre. Sure this type of thing had been rumored for a bit of time now, but when something like this becomes reality, it may be time for fans to hit that


Park panic button.


Why did this happen? Some people say that by playing the games in

Toronto, the revenue earned will allow the team to stay in

Western New York by regionalizing a steady fan base. Some believe that’s a crock. The team already has several

Ontario fans…just check how long the


Bridge wait is at about 6:30 p.m. on a Sunday after a home Bills game.


It’s definitely not because former running back Willis McGahee suggested it after he left town for Baltimore, and added that the Toronto nightlife is a bit better than Buffalo’s.


At a press conference in February, 89-year-old Bills owner Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. called the deal an attempt to generate revenue for a “struggling” franchise in an economically-strapped city. Now

Wilson isn’t lying when he said that but what he didn’t say may be the most worrisome of all: The Toronto (insert team name here) may be a sooner-rather-than-later fact. The NFL could soon be shipping some of its services to the Great White North.

“Hey, I can’t speculate what’s going to happen in the future,”

Wilson said in the press conference which announced the eight-game, $78 million deal. “But don’t worry, don’t worry right now.”


How reassuring, Mr. Wilson. I won’t worry now. But when should I start worrying? While

Toronto is a great city which is capable of hosting an NFL team, Buffalonians alike must be foreshadowing the end of an era.

Buffalo, as any football or hockey fan would know, loves its two professional sports teams. They live and die (well, mostly die) with the Bills and Sabres. A permanent move would be a crushing blow.




North America’s fifth largest sports market. It has professional sports teams in the other three major sports. It has the only Canadian MLB Team. It has the only Canadian NBA team. And unless something drastic occurs in the next seven or so years, it may soon also have the only Canadian NFL team.

Anyway, once the fans knew of the move, they began to ponder which home game next season would be moved from Orchard Park to Toronto. This season, at home, the Bills play the Raiders, the 49ers, the Seahawks and the Chargers (in addition to the Browns and the three divisional games). Which one of those games would be moved from the December cold in


Park to the indoor Rogers Centre?


Once the schedule was announced, Bills fans nearly rioted. On December 7, the Bills play the Miami Dolphins in



The DOLPHINS!!?!?!?!?!?!?


The NFL is taking the Dolphins game, a game that would undoubtedly sell out in the

extreme bitter cold of


Park, to

Toronto. That isn’t good news for Bills fans….at all. A divisional game. A rivalry game. A terrible idea by whomever made that decision.


Bills fans can only hope a superhero (or ex-quarterback) can step in and keep the team in

Buffalo once the time strikes. Hall of Fame quarterback Jim Kelly has announced he would do what it takes to keep the team in

Buffalo. We, the members of the Bills Fan Nation, have to BILLIEVE in #12. Ralph Wilson isn’t going to live forever, and he’s already said when he dies the team will be sold. When he passes on, the Bills will be in TROUBLE.

For a team that’s already sold 50,000+ season tickets for the upcoming season (an outstanding number considering the playoff drought), there should be a bit of worrying behind the scenes, because Buffalo’s most beloved entity might be taking another trip up north – one that’s permanent.

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