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Daily 10 – April 12

Daily 10 – April 12


10 – Tim Lincecum, wherefore art thou?

  Right now, those owners who have drafted Lince-K are reeling, as is the 2-time Cy Young winner.

  He’s been simply awful in his first 2 starts, after a simply awful spring.

  Time to push the panic button?

  Not quite yet, but I’m certainly raising the alert level.

  Another stinker of an outing, and it will be time to get the panic button ready.

  I’m staying clear from buying him in all leagues until I can watch a bit more from him.

  Still, odds are that this ship is going to right itself soon.


9 – The sky is falling in Boston.

  I predicted it last week, and it’s starting already.

  1-5 to kick the year off, no offense to speak of, a horrific bullpen, and a manager who seems out of touch with reality.

  Sox fans are clamoring for Daniel Bard to close out games, but it will be some time before he ever gets there.

  What worries me more than anything about this team?

  Look at the bullpen.

  Who is there that you can count on to get a strikeout, or even a big out in a key situation?

  Scott Atchison?

  Franklin Morales?

  The correct answer is that no one can get that out, and as the season wears on it will become a glaring issue.


8 – The Johnny Damon watch is on, and it sounds like it may be Cleveland.

  Damon won’t be someone worth rostering in smaller leagues, and certainly not someone you rush to pick up.

  However, if you are in a 5 OF league, or a league where the pickings on the WW are down to Ryan Sweeney or Cody Ross, Damon could be worth a speculative add.

  You can do a lot worse than someone who will likely hit 15 HR and steal 10-15 bases in the remaining season.

  Add him, but don’t go overboard.


7 – Starlin Castro is a player I’ve been watching forever, and the more I see him, the more I’m convinced that he’s going to have an elite career.

  He’s not hitting for a ton of average so far, and has not yet shown any power, but with five stolen bases already-he’s well on his way to surpassing your expectations for him with his legs.

  I fully expect him to be close to a 20/20 guy this year, and if he keeps running like this, he’ll be a top 2 round option next year.

  If you’re in a dynasty league, your window for buying Castro likely is about closed, but it will completely close by the All-Star break.


6 – Dusty Baker, how do you still have a job?

  I frankly don’t get anything Dusty does.

  Aroldis Chapman continues to dominate hitters in the bullpen, and was stretched out to be a starter this spring.

  Yet he remains in the bullpen to continue to dominate the eighth inning.

  Devin Mesoraco is being held up from the majority of starts behind the plate by….Ryan Hanigan?

  Chris Heisey is splitting playing time with….Ryan Ludwick?

  Satisfy the fantasy owners out there Dusty.

  Get Mesoraco/Chapman/Heisey more playing time!


5 – Joe Nathan ruined a great start from Colby Lewis yesterday.

  With a 2-run lead in the 9th, Nathan simply couldn’t get the job done to close it out, getting the loss in yesterday’s 4-3 game.

  4 hits in an inning to close it out won’t get the job done.

  Nathan’s leash is still long, but owning Mike Adams isn’t the worst thing in the world right now.

  Alexi Ogando could also be an option.

  Keep an eye on this situation, because I strongly believe Nathan’s days are numbered.


4- The Twins won last night, leaving no teams left without a win.

  Still, I wouldn’t get all that excited Twins fans.

  It’s going to be a long year.


3 – Justin Verlander did his best Joe Nathan impression in the 9th inning yesterday, as he simply wasn’t the same dominant pitcher he was for the first 8 innings.

  A single, strike out, single, walk, wild pitch, and another single was just too much to overcome, and a shutout and dominant start through 8 innings turned into a sub-par start.

  Nothing to see here in the big picture, as the reigning Cy Young/MVP will be dominant throughout.

  That doesn’t change the fact that his owners today are likely thinking about what might have been.


2 – I’m going to say this here right now.

  Jay Bruce is going to be a 2nd round pick or higher next year.

  The average may never be high, but the power is beyond real.

  With Giancarlo Stanton’s knee continuing to be an issue, I firmly believe that Bruce wins the HR title.

  Let’s make it 44 HR this year, Jay.


1 – For all of you out there with struggling studs….just be patient.

  Baseball is a game of averages, and those that have flown out of the gate will regress back to the norm eventually.

  Your stars will get where they have always been.

  Just be the one to capitalize on the impatience of others.

  Don’t be the one to trade away a star because they’ve stumbled out of the gate.

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