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Daily 10 – April 19

10 – It’s been a crazy year for closers, Brian Wilson now the latest to go down for the year.

  Owners were scrambling to find a replacement, and many were very fortunate to win the Santiago Casilla sweepstakes.

  Still, I would not count on him being the only one to get saves out of that bullpen.

  Sergio Romo is too valuable to ignore to both real life and fantasy circles, and I still think he gets his fair share of opportunities this year.



9 – Speaking of closers, Joel Hanrahan has missed some time this week.

  Rumors of hamstring tightness circle the Pirates’ closer, and Juan Cruz has stepped up and filled in well.

  Cruz hasn’t allowed a run this year, and can be an effective fill in for the time being.

  Hanrahan’s leash is long, so unless there’s a DL stint in the future, don’t count on Cruz for more than this week.

  Still, saves are saves, and even a couple could go a long way.


8 – My weekly Red Sox tirade….they are a MESS right now.

  Bobby V has tried to manage this team the way he has managed previous teams, and it is not working at all.

  Challenging Youkilis for his motivation and work ethic, warranted or unwarranted, cannot be done in the media the way it was.

  That’s the quickest way to lose your clubhouse, and it appears as though that is what’s happening.

  When Dustin Pedroia comes out publicly and defends his teammate and questions his manager, you know there are issues.

  Bobby won’t see the All-Star break.


7 – Carlos Beltran has been hot, and if you own him, you likely have visions of that 2002-2008 fantasy monster.

  You bought him at an extreme discount, and you feel great about him on your team.

  Don’t get caught in that feeling.

  Now’s the time to sell.

  Someone is going to overpay for the early season statistics.

  Sell high, and reap the rewards.

  The inevitable DL stint, accompanied by the fall back to Earth await.



6 – Nolan Reimold was a player that a few of us here were very high on going into the year.

  He’s only continued that positive feeling after homering in 4 of the last 5 games.

  If you own him, get him into your lineup.

  Just be sure to check his injury status, as two different injuries have popped up with him already this season.


5 – If you missed it last night, there was an absolute gem of a game played in San Francisco.

  Cliff Lee and Matt Cain pitched fantastically, combining for 18 shutout innings.

  The problem is, the game went 11.

  Fantasy owners would love to have that win, but will gladly take what both of these stud pitchers have giving their teams.


4 – A player to keep an eye on is Hector Noesi of the Mariners.

  He certainly will not win any strikeout titles, but he could be a nice source of ERA and WHIP for your squad.

  Coming off a great 8 inning performance, I’m watching him carefully.

  He’s a great pitcher to stream if you have that opportunity, and he has a favorable matchup at home tomorrow against the White Sox.

  I’m starting him, and you should too.


 3 – Lance Berkman is headed to the DL today.

  I sure hope you didn’t overpay for last year’s performance.


2 – A bit of the glimmer has begun to fade on Jeff Samardzija.

  I was the founder of the ‘Shark’ bandwagon here, and I’m going nowhere.

  However, his last start was subpar….and as I write this,

  I’m watching him getting lit up by the Marlins (Ricky Nolasco just got an RBI single).

  I started him with confidence in his 2nd start, and did so very hesitantly today. I won’t do it again until he proves he’s consistently better than he’s been.


1 – I said it last week, and I’ll say it again today….owners need to be patient with their studs.

  Don’t go dumping Albert Pujols because he hasn’t hit a home run.

  There’s a reason why baseball is 162 games.

  Be patient, and be the BUYER when someone is willing to see their slumping star.

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