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Daily 10: April 27


10 – The Royals win!

  THEEEEEEEEEE Royals win!!!!

  Ok, it doesn’t have the same ring as it does in New York.

  However, after a disastrous stretch of 12 games, Kansas City fans can rejoice.

  Turning to their ‘ace’ in Luke Hochevar, the Royals pounded on the Indians last night.

  Yesterday has been the lone bright spot in a while for the Kings of Kauffman.

  Mike Montgomery and company can’t get to KC fast enough.


9 – Michael Pineda is done for the year after tests found he tore his labrum.

  I’m sure Yankees fans feel extremely slighted with that deal right now, and one can’t blame them.

  I sure hope you did not waste a high(ish) draft pick on him.

  He was one that we here at Baseball Sharks warned you about from the beginning.

8 – Red Sox news #1.

  Carl Crawford is being sent to see Dr. James Andrews to examine his ailing elbow.

  Uh oh.

  A trip to ‘Dr. Freeze’ is never a good thing.

  Expect some news very soon, and as a Sox fan, I’m not enthused.

7 – Red Sox news #2.

  Will any OF stand up and make it through a week.

  First, it was Crawford. Then Ellsbury.

  Jason Repko gets called up, and he crashes into a wall. Yesterday Cody Ross, who has been killing the baseball, came out of the game with a knee injury.

  This one doesn’t sound that serious.

  However, the already killer Boston OF of Sweeney/Byrd/Ross wasn’t striking fear into opponents.

  Take Ross out, and you’ve got….gulp….Darnell McDonald.

6 – Tim Lincecum won his last start.

  Lince-K owners must be thrilled about getting a ‘positive’ start out of their ace. However, watching that game, I came away mightily unimpressed.

  He continued to struggle with his command, got into deep counts, and barely survived the 5th inning.

  If you spent an early pick on him you still have to start him for his strikeout potential….but I’m officially worried.

5 – If you were fortunate enough to buy into Mike Aviles early, you’ve been rewarded with tremendous production.

  If for some bizarre reason, he’s still on your WW – you need to rush to pick him up.

  He hit his 4th HR yesterday, he’s atop the Red Sox lineup, and he has 2B/3B/SS eligibility.

  If you were fortunate enough to buy him, I’d sell high.

  Not quite yet, as he still will be on the top of the lineup for the foreseeable future.

  When Ellsbury comeback rumors start swirling, it’s time to sell.

4 – The Angels are an absolute mess right now.

  Too many people feel entitled to playing time, and the big money producers aren’t…..well….producing.

  Albert has been human, and the rest of the team has not picked up the slack to fill the void.

  I have no doubts that Pujols will produce, but with as many people as they have that need to play, that may not get resurrected.

  Consistently changing the lineup may work to keep players fresh, but it prohibits continuity.

  This team has none right now.

3 – Jose Altuve is a machine.

  He just hits, and hits, and hits.

  I am kicking myself for not picking him up in my dynasty after following him for much of the 2011 season.

  Instead of tearing it up on my roster, he’s doing so on fellow staff writer Steve Banas’ roster.

  I fully believe this kid will continue to hit the ball throughout his career.

  It won’t be at a .377 clip (where he currently sits).

  However, it would not surprise me to see him contend for a batting title in the future.

2 – Speaking of the Astros, JD Martinez is another young bat that has been carrying your squad if you own him.

  He’s been driving Altuve in repeatedly, with 18 RBI to date.

  I’ll take that out of anyone at this point in the year, but especially from a guy who was drafted as a 4th or 5th OF at best.

  I don’t believe in him as much as Altuve, but the kid can hit as well.


1 – Now is the time to start buying and selling.

  Owners of slumping stars will be panicking by now.

  Buy them.

  It’s a game of averages people, and sooner or later things regress to the norm, or near it.

  Pujols won’t be terrible all year.

  Andrew McCutchen will start hitting HRs, as will Robinson Cano.

   Buy these guys if you can, and reap the rewards of their career averages.

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