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Daily 10: April 6th

10- As a Red
Sox fan, I’ll have to admit this year scares me.

  Cody Ross, Ryan Sweeney, and Darnell McDonald
slated to get plenty of playing time in the outfield?


Felix Doubront as the #4 starter.?


   Mike Aviles’ superb defense
at SS?


  Mile Aviles possibly hitting at the top of
the lineup?


  Musical chairs at closer?


I have never been one of those Sox fans that always sees impending

  I have always been someone who
sees the light at the end of the tunnel.

Not this year.

  They’re finishing
4th in the East.



9- There
have to be leagues out there that have owners rushing to get Kyle Lohse after
his impressive first start.


  Keep in mind this is a guy with a
career ERA of 4.65, a WHIP of 1.41, and a K rate of 5.59/9IP.

  Yeah, he’s coming off his best statistical
year in 2011, but even then he struck out 111 batters.



of the Red Sox, did I mention that Bobby V has been toying with the idea of
hitting Mike Aviles at the leadoff spot?


  Did he forget that Jacoby
Ellsbury was an MVP candidate last year?

Regardless of my distain for what’s going on in Beantown right now,
Aviles actually does hold value in mixed leagues.

  With 2B/3B eligibility to start the year off,
and SS after a week or so, he’s a candidate to hit .280+ with 10-15 HR and 15
SB with a boatload of runs in that offense.

If he holds onto the job throughout the year (very doubtful), there’s a
lot of value for someone off your WW.


Belt made the Giants roster, and the rumor is that he’s going to be starting at

  This is significant, because it
signals a shift in thinking for the Giants, now basically stating that it is
his position from here on.

  He will still
likely see time in the OF, but his bat makes him a very intriguing add to all
fantasy teams.

  I truly believe that
he’ll contend for a batting crown someday, and think he’s as good a bet in the
mid-late rounds as you’re going to find.


6-Am I the
only one who thinks that the home run fountain in Miami is horrid?

  I can’t get over it, as it looks to me like
it should be at a state fair.

marlins and flamingos flapping their wings?

That screams baseball to me!


5- Back to
the Red Sox.

  Daniel Bard was an absolute
disaster in spring training as a SP, but somehow Bobby V thinks that sliding
him into the 5 slot in the rotation is a good idea, and taking Alfredo Aceves,
who was great for the Sox last year into the closer’s role is a good idea.

  It’s not.

Bard will be back in the pen by May, and Aceves will be starting.

  The problem there lies that he won’t be
stretched out, leading to shorter outings and less quality.



4- I know
Mark Chamberlin touted him earlier in the week, but now it is my turn.

  I’ve been steering the Jeff Samardzija
bandwagon since February, and I’m very excited to see him win a spot in the
Cubs rotation.

  He won’t be a huge source
of wins for you on a miserable Cubs team, but he COULD post huge K numbers
along with a good ERA.

  His bane has
always been walks, and if spring is any indication, he’s turned a corner.

  Only one walk in 20 IP?

  Yes, please.

3-If Will
Venable is available in your league, I’d suggest you add him.

  He’s almost a no-cost kind of player at this
point, but someone who could do some damage, especially in a roto league.

  If he can play every day, I think Venable can
steal 35 bags.

  This shouldn’t be that
far off, as last year he stole 26 in 411 plate appearances, and the year before
29 in 445.

  If he can log 500 ABs, he
could easily surpass 30, and close in on 40.

There’s also a bit of power there, but playing in PETCO doesn’t

  If he can bring the average up to
a respectable clip (he’s always below .260), he’s a viable OF option in mixed

  .270/15/35 isn’t out of the
realm of possibility.


2-Jon Niese
has been in the news this spring as more of a joke punchline than as a

  If you didn’t know, Carlos
Beltran jokingly told Niese he needed a nose job and that he would pay for it.
Niese did in the offseason, Beltran paid for the operation.

  This isn’t exactly baseball news, but what is
will be Niese’s performance.

   I’m buying
him this year, and the Mets are too.

just inked a 5 year deal worth roughly $5 mil per year.

  The Mets got a bargain here, as I truly
believe he takes a huge step forward this year and is among the NL’s best by

  He hasn’t been great so far, but
the K rate is rising year by year, and I think he gets it figured out this

  I might well be wrong, but my gut
is telling me I’m right.


1-Can I talk
some more about the Red Sox?

  No more
after today, I promise (maybe).

going out on a limb here, and not exactly a big one, that Bobby V doesn’t last
the year.

  He may not be the first
manager fired, but I definitely think that his antics aren’t going to play in

  I don’t agree with many of his
managerial decisions in the past, and don’t agree with many of the things he’s
done to this point.

  For you non-Sox
fans, and I know there’s a lot of you out there, it will be fun for you to
watch this team implode, just like it did last year.

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