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Daily 10 – August 13

#10 – Jon Jay’s staying hot and still under-owned, 5 of 7 multi-hit games as he hits 15/28 with 6 R 4 RBI and 2 SB.


#9 – I want that premature drop of Rajai Davis (pre Travis Snider trade) back.  9 R 6 RBI and 5 SB since August 1.  Oof.


#8 – Chris Capuano just needed to come home, those road splits are ugly.  An 8 IP 10 K gem hurled Sunday.


#7 – A.J. Pierzynski is on pace for 32 home runs.  There are no words.


#6 – Who pitched for the Red Sox yesterday?  Because that could not have been Jon Lester!  12 K’s and 1 ER over 6 IP.  However, it was against the Indians who cannot hit left handed pitching and have officially completed their nose dive.


#5 – Welcome back from your slump enduced time off, Jay Bruce.  Belted a home run and may be primed for a hot streak.


#4 – We’re late to the party, but – drop James McDonald.  You simply can’t trust him anymore and this late in the season to own a guy you have to trust to start him.


#3 – Could Jason Heyward be looking at a 30/30 season?  He needs a strong finish, but he could do it.  May be one of the most under appreciated 30/30 seasons in recent memory, coming from a star prospect like him that’s perplexing.


#2 – No streaming today, but if you have any Rockies, Marlins, or Brewers get them in your lineup as they’re all in Coors this week.


#1 – Since we don’t do weekend editions, welcome to the show Manny Machado!  I do not expect it to continue, but that was a spectacular debut. 

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