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Daily 10 – August 20

#10 – It was fun while it lasted for Eric Young, and owners of him like me, but all signs point to a DL stint after an abdominal injury hit him Sunday.  Pull him from all weekly starting lineups, but with a season ending injury to Michael Cuddyer there is hope of a role when he returns – depending on the severity of his injury.


#9 – Chad Billingsley, en fuego.  I was a big fan preseason as a post hype breakout and while he hasn’t gone nuts until the last month (41 2/3 IP 1.30 ERA 0.91 WHIP 27 K’s 6 W and 5 QS) he has been more than serviceable this year as he has a 3.44 ERA and 1.26 WHIP with 127 K’s and 42 BB’s across 146 1/3 IP to date.  This has been much more in line with his 2010 season, no reason to expect any less in the final 6 weeks.


#8 – Jason Kipnis is hurt, he’s been playng hurt for a while, the team and the player won’t admit it but he has not been himself and it shows in the stats.  He hasn’t hit a home run since mid June as his triple slash has crashed from .284/.339/.455 on June 17 to .254/.329/.376 currently.  He’s getting the bat on the ball, just not hitting it with any authority.  Tough to justify dropping him in all but shallow leagues, but alternatives need to be sought out.


#7 – The lack of interest for Clayton Richard continues to baffle me, the numbers I’ve gotten from him vary league to league but they’re positive in all of them.  Something around a mid 3 ERA with a very low WHIP and more wins than I would expect.  It’s better than most teams end of the rotation starter any way you slice it, just start him in Petco!  Speaking of which, Edinson Volquez has gotten torched in his last four starts, three of which on the road.  He returns home tonight, don’t be bashful.


#6 – Aaron Hill was a mess all August to the tune of 6 R 1 HR 2 RBI with a .205 average over the first 16 days, but has quickly erased that memory with 7/12 6 R 3 HR 5 RBI 1 SB weekend.  Thanks, Astros! 


#5 – Todd Frazier, you are ridiculous.  Seriously, he’s not this good, this is ridiculous.  He’s currently slugging .547, more than 100 points higher than his AAA numbers.  There’s some late bloomer here and he’s absolutely a wave to ride to the finish, but keeper and dynasty owners would be wise to shop him.


#4 – What’s Jake Westbrook been drinking?  He is who he is, which is not the top of the line pitcher he’s been the last month but he draws the Astros this week so roll him on out there.


#3 – I’ve been watching Wilin Rosario since he came off the DL and almost pulled the trigger before last week’s homestand (oops), but missed out on him after a big week in Coors.  He hits the road this week, so keep expectations in check, but unlike some Rockies he is not home field dependent.


#2 – Hisashi Iwakuma has been a new arm since being moved to the rotation, over his last 6 starts he is 3-1 with a 2.36 ERA 1.16 WHIP 37 K 11 BB over 38 IP’s.  He also draws the face planting Indians next.  Yes, start him.


#1 – I’m sure you have heard about the New York Daily News piece on Melky Cabrera, but if not here is the link –  A for effort.  Ok, C for effort.  He cost himself eight figures getting caught on his next contract, so anything was worth a shot.  Cases like this one are why late breakouts from guys like him, Jose Bautista, Jayson Werth, etc. can be questioned as legit.  Not saying either of there’s were not legit, but it’s why it’s questioned and should continue to be.

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