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Daily 10 – August 29

#10 – There are not many times when it is acceptable to start Tommy Milone away from home, but against the left handed heavy and hapless Indians is one of them.  After another shutout the Indians haven’t scored a run in 22 innings.


#9 – Tuesday was the first time since 2006 Justin Verlander has given up 8 earned runs in one game.  Wow.  What happened?  Consider it a blip in the radar just like David Price and Jered Weaver owners did, but your ratios can’t get those runs back.


#8 – Hisashi Iwakuma stayed hot with as he has only given up one earned run in three games, albeit all of those games have been against the Twins and Indians and the walks were concerning last night.  His next outing is against the Angels, send him back to the bench.


#7 – Albert Pujols said he was ready Saturday, he was probably right.  First game back, home run.  Remember when you panicked about him in early May?  I know, seems so long ago.


#6 – Tough to ignore Pedro Alvarez anymore, two more homers Tuesday gets him to 25 for the year.  The strikeouts are still too high, but a .327 OBP is much more acceptable as it’s steadily climbed throughout August.


#5 – Figures that Ricky Romero would throw that game (7 IP 2 ER 6 K) against the Yankees when no one would start him.  That’s two quality starts against the Yankees this month, surrounded by massive blow up’s.  What happened to him?


#4 – Josh Rutledge returned to the lineup and did what he’d been doing in a pinch hit role as he’s battled an injury.  He’s batting .500 with 7 R 1 HR 6 RBI and 1 SB over his last 24 AB’s, even in a pinch hit role he’s been out hitting your middle infielder.


#3 – Matt Kemp had a nasty run-in with the wall in Coors, he initially stayed in the game but was eventually pulled.  The concussion test was clean, but he’s going in for a test of his knee.  Don’t expect him back today, hope for good news and a weekend return.


#2 – Stephen Strasburg is finding tricky ways to limit his innings, pitch poorly in August to last longer into September.  I like his style.


#1 – Joey Bats (Jose Bautista) is finally calling it quits after battling a wrist injury all month, he should be ready for Spring Training.  Just hope his return goes more smoothly than the last month of attempted returns have gone.

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