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Daily 10 – August 3

#10 – A lot of hype surrounding Dan Straily’s debut with the A’s tonight, but call me a skeptic, I’m not all-in…yet.  He has fired through the minors, but with such little experience against upper level minor league pitching I think the jump to the majors may be a bit premature.  I wouldn’t give up anything too valuable for him until at least after tonight’s game, which may be too late.

# 9 – I’m buying Mike Olt before Straily, but there is some legitimate playing time risk.  The early word is he will play vs. lefties, but I’m finding it hard to believe he won’t play semi-regularly vs. righties too.  Michael Young has fallen off the cliff, Adrian Beltre would benefit from a day off/week, and there isn’t much beneit to bringing Olt up now if they aren’t going to give him full time AB’s; otherwise he’d be a September 1 call-up.  If he plays five days/week he’s better than anything on waivers right now, buy.

#8 – The sky is falling on Ryan Dempster, I don’t expect him to post the same ratios he did in Chicago but only one pitcher survives the Angels-Rangers series unscathed and that’s Cy Young candidate Jered Weaver.  I’ll give him some more rope before hanging him.

#7 – Thursday was a good day for streaming as Jon Lester posted a quality start and Seth Smith had a pleasing 1-3 with a run and an RBI line; if only mother nature had been kinder to Mike Minor.

#6 – Jayson Werth returned from the DL last night and put up a solid night, he was dropped in many leagues when he broke his wrist and his ownership% is still on the low-side.  I don’t expect him to be a difference maker down the stretch, but I’m sure he’s an upgrade over someone on your roster.  Add him.

#5 – I cautioned that Carlos Santana may be turning the corner last week and it’s continuing this week.  At least try to buy from his owner now because it may be your last chance this year.

#4 – Josh Rutledge is on fire and his ownership% in Yahoo! leagues is inexplicably low.  He’s got a few more games on this home stand and then we’ll see if he can carry it on past Coors Field.

#3 – Todd Frazier hasn’t had any crazy-big games, but he has steadily produced since Joey Votto went on the DL.  Even when Votto returns, there is still going to be a job for Frazier, he can’t be benched now.  Add him.

#2 – Streamers for this weekend?  Well, the Padres have returned home and Clayton Richard gets the bump tonight.  Just up I-5 a criminally under-owned Chad Billingsley draws the Cubs tonight too.  Tomorrow Edinson Volquez is up for the Padres, but his ownership% is way up since his near no-hitter vs. the Astros.  If Matt Harvey is still available he gets the Padres Sunday (notice a trend?), definitely get him.  Tommy Milone too, although he’s not available many places, the home/road splits can’t be ignored.

#1 – Cliff Lee being on waivers is a non-story, 99% of all major leaguers get put on waivers this time of year.  Ignore and spend your time on something else.

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