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Daily 10 – August 9

#10 – Yes, add Eric Young, Jr.  No, that was not a real home run last night.  Yes, it counts the same in our game.  No, I have no idea if this will keep up, but I said the same thing about Carlos Gomez 2 weeks ago and look-ee here.

#9 – Speaking of Carlos Gomez, hello!  His power and K:BB has been trending under the radar waiting for a breakout and it’s here.  His .307 line over the last month is not sustainable, but knock off a few batting average points and he can maintain his 17/5/12/10 pace in the other categories.

#8 – I love you, Petco.  Clayton Richard and Jeff Samardzjia weren’t universally available, but they were on waivers in many leagues.  Started both?  16 IP 1 ER 0.63 WHIP 11 K and a Clayton Richard win.  I love you, Petco.

#7 – Big game for Adrian Gonzalez (3-5, 3 R 3 RBI) yesterday.  Gonzalez has finally gotten it together since the All Star break (16/5/27/.407).

#6 – More bullpen fun – it’s safe to drop Santiago Casilla as he was seen warming up in the 6th inning, this bullpen belongs to Jeremey Affeldt and Sergio Romo now.  I have no idea if Jim Henderson sticks as the Brewers closer, but if you need saves – add him.  The rest of the bullpen is a mess.  Ryan Cook had another messy outing for Oakland and Sean Doolittle finally had a quality one.  He’s the speculative add.

#5 – I cautioned about Dan Straily earlier this week and he did not disappoint as the Angels roughed him up.  His next turn vs. Cleveland will determine whether he can be safely dropped or not.  The schedule gets rough after that.

#4 – Giancarlo!  Welcome back, buddy!  4 hits, 2 bombs.  Sorry, enough Giancarlo now.  Okay, I’m not really sorry.

#3 – Curtis Granderson belted #30 last night, making 40 home runs a legit possibility for the second straight year.  He’s a batting average liability, but he produces in the other four categories.

#2 – My favorite part of these, streamer arms!  Been having some good luck lately and was surprised to see Wei-Yen Chen available in so many leagues.  The Royals struggle vs. lefties and he’s been hot lately, easy start here.  Digging deeper, Felix Doubront is a good gamble too.  The Indians also struggle vs. lefties and had been in an 11 game losing streak until yesterday.

#1 – Streamer bats?  I’m feeling lucky, Mark Reynolds.  He hits lefties well and gets a bad one (Will Smith) today.  Another scuffler, Carlos Pena, has a friendly matchup too as he has the home run friendly Henderson Alvarez.

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