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Daily 10 – July 25

#10 – On paper the Wandy Rodriguez trade may appear like a lateral move, I disagree.  He’s not been the same this year, especially recently, but you have to imagine how difficult it is to get yourself up for pitching for the Astros.  The losing has been wearing on him for years.  He’s not available on waivers in many leagues, but he is worth a low ball trade offer if you can get him for a spare part.

#9 – Hanley Ramirez could also benefit from a change of scenery, tension between him and management has been high for years so he needed to be moved.  The price paid by the Dodgers support that this was a rare buyer’s trade this season.  I wouldn’t expect him to go Mannywood on the Dodgers, but Hanleywood does have a similar ring to it.  I think this will work.

#8 – I have not read anything definitive about who will replace Alex Rodriguez who is likely out for the regular season after being beaned in the hand, but if you have a dead roster spot and need speed/infield help add Eduardo Nunez now.  There is 50 SB potential here in a full time gig and in our game (where his awful defense can be ignored) that has value.

#7 – After a few days off of streaming (the Bedard/Samardzjia matchup withstanding) it looks like we have some good ones coming up.  Start it off with Jason Vargas at home vs. Kansas City Thursday.  Vargas has a home 2.84 ERA and 1.05 WHIP and Kansas City has fits with left handers.

#6 – I just realized Wil Myers (Kansas City’s star OF prospect) is still ‘C’ eligible in Yahoo! leagues.  Again, if you have an open roster spot a speculative add is in order.  I think it’s more likely he’s not up until September 1, but this is something you don’t want to be late to.

#5 – Last night’s performance by Francisco Cordero is why you must hold onto Wilton Lopez.  Cordero is awful, this can’t last long.

#4 – Lorenzo Cain is on fire, .390 with 7 R 3 HR 13 RBI and 1 SB since coming off the DL.  Last night’s SB was especially encouraging as that’s his greatest asset and also his greatest question coming off the hip injury.  If he hits like this too there’s a 5 category player on waivers.

#3 – Bad day for 3B’s, Adrian Beltre got belted as well.  Looks like we may be seeing a cup of coffee from Mike Olt whether he’s up for the Rangers or traded in the next week.  If you don’t know much about him, read up!  Texas has talent growing everywhere.

#2 – Many are calling for Anibal Sanchez to suffer a bit with the move to Detroit, I think he could have a similar impact as Doug Fister did in 2011.  As is the theme of trading season, sometimes all a player needs is a change of scenery.  He has all the tools you want in a quality arm – high K’s, low BB’s, high GB%, pitches deep into games.  He could be in for a strong final two months.

#1 – Last chance, Jonathan Broxton is getting traded, go get Greg Holland now!

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