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Daily 10 – July 27

#10 – Yovani Gallardo is not having the second half I envisioned.  I mean, I don’t have him anywhere, bt he was someone I have considered trading for.  Are the last two performances (10 2/3 IP 11 ER) a sign to buy low? or is he just lost?  I’d rather find out with him on someone else’s team.

#9 – There was some good streaming Thursday in the form of Jason Vargas and Carlos Gomez.  Kick Vargas to the cirb as he has Toronto next followed by a road trip, but Gomez may be a hot streak to ride.  I’m keeping him around in one league, but in another with an overflow of OF’s I’m probably cutting bait.

#8 – There was also a good avoid yesterday, Chris Capuano has not been good away from home (especially lately) and the Cards usually rip him up.  There’s some regression settling in, but as long as he’s pitching at home or in favorable road matchups he still has starting value the rest of the way.

#7 – An MRI on Matt Garza shows fluid in his elbow, he’s not going to pitch until after the trade deadline and may cool off talks on the trade candidate.

#6 – Hopefully you didn’t buy into the myth that Tommy Milone is also a safe start away from home now.  He had a strong start in Arlington, but that was sprinkled around nothing-to-see-here starts in Minnesota and Seattle.

#5 – I waffled about dropping Chris Davis before Thursday’s game (good history vs. James Shields), but he’s been ice cold and I dropped him (and Rajai Davis) for Jason Vargas and Carlos Gomez.  I guess I shouldn’t complain, but his hot streaks come in bunches so this could be a sign of things to come.

#4 – Zach McAllister proved to me last night that he may have staying power as that was his second trek through the brutal Tigers lineup.  He’s the only consistent thing the Indians have to offer right now, starting pitching wise anyway, and is safe to start in just about any matchup going forward.

#3 – Buy Carlos Santana, his owners may still be down on him despite the improvement lately but the recent surge is legit.  The long swing and chasing pitches seems to be behind him and it’s showed, get him now before he has a big weekend against Minnesota’s awful pitching.

#2 – First pitch to Starling Marte?  See yah.  I still have major doubts about him this year due to his K% and CS%, but he’s leading off and has 20/20 potential so if you’re short an OF – take the shot.

#1 – Matt Harvey, wow!  I did not see that K-fest coming in his debut.  This is a case of buy now, ask questions later.  I would wait for another quality start before inserting him into your lineup though.

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