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Daily 10 May 1

No. 10-Most people will tell you that you win in fantasy baseball with players who have upside and are able to deliver.

  This season several old, established vets are turning in great numbers after a month of play.

  David Ortiz was at it again Monday hitting two homeruns.

  He has hit nearly .400 and driven in eighteen runs in the early going.

  You are likely limited to playing him in your utility slot, but with those types of numbers you can live with the limited flexibility.



No. 9-Are Yu a believer yet?

  Oh, come on.

  I can almost guarantee you that won’t be the cheesiest thing you read from me this season.

  Yu Darvish is on a role after another quality start Monday against the Blue Jays turning in a seven inning, nine strikeout performance.


 Four wins, an earned run average of just over two and better than a strikeout per inning; We are only a month in but Darvish is actually over-delivering on expectations thus far.


No. 8-The single blemish that Darvish took Monday night was a solo home run to Edwin Encarnacion.

  Encarnacion has now homered in four consecutive games and has seven home runs on the season.

  History suggests that he is capable of good power numbers but this tear is likely just a white hot streak.

  Enjoy the great production while you can.


No. 7-He never truly gets the appreciation and recognition that he deserves because he plays in Seattle, but Felix Hernandez turned in another great performance Monday.

  Hernandez has pitched at least in to the seventh inning in all six of his starts this season.

  If your league awards points for quality starts instead of wins Hernandez is as valuable as any pitcher in baseball.


No. 6-On the surface Clay Bucholz and his 3-1 record look impressive.

  Dig a little deeper and you see that he is the not so proud owner of an 8.69 earned run average, a WHIP of nearly two and he has only struck out sixteen batters so far this season.

  Bucholz has been the fortunate recipient of outstanding run support this year.

  This sort of luck is short lived and when it runs out the fall back to reality is quick and messy.

  Don’t get caught admiring the pretty exterior and ignore reality.


No. 5-Carlos Gonzalez has been on a tear lately and he gets a favorable matchup Tuesday when he faces off with Ted Lilly and the Dodgers.

  Lilly has pitched extremely well this season, but historically Gonzalez has gotten the best of their battles.

  In his career, Gonzalez is a .400 hitter with four home runs.

  Lilly has pitched well against the Rockies so this will be an interesting battle to keep an eye on.



 No. 4-Monday was a good day to be a McDonald.

  Red Sox outfielder Darnell McDonald got a spot start and gathered three hits, while driving in two runs and scored three more times.

  James McDonald pitched the Pirates to a 9-3 win over the Braves while registering ten strikeouts.

  Darnell simply doesn’t get enough opportunity to contribute to your fantasy team.

  James can’t be counted on week to week just yet, but his recent outings are enough to put him on your radar as a player to monitor and consider for the future.



No. 3-Heath Bell must have left his talents in San Diego.

  On Monday Bell was again touched up, giving up two runs when he came in to pitch the ninth.

  Bell has already blown three saves this season and has an earned run average of more than ten.

  If you have Bell on your roster you should be preparing a back up plan.

  Bell’s hefty salary means that he will be given every opportunity to right the ship, but the Marlins can’t ignore the situation forever.

  Steve Cishek has been great in his role and may be poised to get a chance to prove himself if Bell’s struggles persist.


No. 2-Austin Kearns has as many home runs this season as Giancarlo Stanton with one.

  I know that is an absurd comparison to make a point, but Stanton has simply not lived up to his lofty draft day expectations yet.

  Don’t give up on Stanton at this early junction.

  A little research reveals that at this point last season Stanton had only hit two home runs and he still managed to hit thirty four on the year.

  Practice patience.


No. 1-Twelve teams are scheduled to have games each day this week.

  In some ways this is a plus, but in other ways it can be challenging.

  When teams are scheduled off you know upfront to get reserves in your lineup.

  When teams are facing a full slate of game, they often will allow starters a day off at some point in the week.

  Make sure you keep an eye on team as games approach to make sure that you are getting active players in your lineup each day.


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