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Daily 10: May 10

10 – Tim Lincecum….it’s about time we got our investment back.

  Simply put, Timmy has been terrible, and those who bought into him this year are certainly not happy about it.

  Every week I bring him up, and every week he deserves to be mentioned.

  It’s about at the point where he needs to be benched, even in deeper leagues.

9 – Kyle Seager has been a very nice find for owners of one of the many injured 3B options.

  He’s currently at .344, and with 4 HR and 20 RBI….owners need to ride the wave while it lasts.

  Just be prepared to jump off at the right time, because a crash is likely coming.

8 – Owners of Brett Gardner are likely to be rewarded for their patience as the Yankees’ speedster is likely to be activated off the DL today.

  I wouldn’t expect monster offensive statistics, but the speed will continue to play for him.

  If he’s in the lineup for the Yankees, he should be in it for yours as well.

  Get him activated.

7 – Francisco Liriano has been banished to the bullpen.

  Once the future of the Twins pitching staff, Liriano has been anything BUT good in the past few years.

  For his sake, I hope he turns it around.

  He was once one of the most promising arms in all of baseball.

  However, there hasn’t been much positive for him in a while now.

  He’s safe to dump in all leagues.

6 – Andrew McCutchen is heating up, and none too soon.

  I feel fortunate to have bought him right before these past few exciting days, as more is to come from ‘Cutch.

  I still firmly believe that he will be a top 10 pick in redrafts next year, and dynasty owners should rejoice in having one of the most exciting players in the league.

  Too bad the rest of the Pirates are not as exciting.


5 – I know there’s not a lot of concern for Mark Teixeira in most fantasy circles, but I’m extremely cautious about him.

  I cannot put a finger on it, and honestly this is pure speculation, but he just does not appear comfortable at the plate to me.

  The numbers do not warrant that much of a concern either, as he has 4 HR and 17 RBI.

  Still, we’d like to see more production out of him, especially for the 2nd round price you likely paid.



  Weekly Red Sox report.

  The offense is too streaky, the starting pitching has been horrible, and the bullpen has been inconsistent.

  Oh, and the manager STILL won’t make it to the All-Star break.

  I know I’m a bitter Sox fan right now, but I have reason to be.

  Things just aren’t right on Yawkey Way.

3 – David Robertson wasn’t so sharp last night in his second save attempt.

  Not only did he give away the lead, but he also blew up his pitching ratios with a

  earned-run performance in .2 IP.

  I still would not worry about Robertson, he’s been money for a few years now, and will continue his dominance.

  Let’s call it a blip on the radar.

2 – If you haven’t been reading this column for the past few weeks….now’s the time to listen to what we’re saying.

  Start truly monitoring the minor leagues.

  Impact players are finding their way onto lineups, and interesting streaming pitchers are able to be found.

  Come back to for these players as they are being promoted!

1 – In one of the most bizarre years I can recall for closing pitching, I must reiterate my strategy when it comes to the closer….don’t overpay!

  There’s not a league out there that had Dale Thayer drafted in it, but here his with the (likely) closer’s gig in San Diego.

  Scour the waiver wire throughout, and never, NEVER overpay for a closer.

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