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Daily 10 May 2

No. 10 – Jesus Montero turned in his first career four hit game on Tuesday night. Miguel Olivo’s trip to the Disabled List will speed up Montero earning eligibility at catcher. Once he is eligible, Montero will instantly be one of the best offensive catchers in the game. Take advantage of his hitting prowess and consider moving your current catcher to fill a different need on your team.

No. 9 – Evan Longoria was on an absolute tear this season prior to tearing his hamstring and landing on the Disabled List. The reality is that you will not be able to make a single waiver wire claim and replace Longoria’s production. Sean Rodriguez has been dependable in limited action and will likely see more time at third in Longoria’s absence. You may have to play some third base roulette and chase the hot hand. Jed Lowrie and Alex Liddi are other possibilities as potential fill-ins to keep your eye on.

No. 8 – Yadier Molina is one of the top catchers in fantasy baseball. He had a couple of hits and scored three runs on Tuesday night. For good measure, Molina even managed to swipe two bases. Catchers stealing bases is rare enough, but for a catcher to have two steals in a single game is virtually unheard of. Clearly this is an aberration, but it is still an enjoyable aberration.

No. 7 – Matt Kemp is mired in a deep power slump. He has not managed to register a single home run the entire month of May. So what if we are only a day in? Kemp set the expectations so high with his performance in April we now expect the miraculous from him. In my rankings Kemp has now grasped the torch from Albert Pujols as the best player in fantasy baseball.

No. 6 – Cody Ross will continue to get regular playing time for the Boston Red Sox with Carl Crawford and Jacoby Ellsbury out for an extended time. Ross had three more hits on Tuesday and is a solid play in mixed leagues as long as he maintains a normal starting role.

No. 5 – If Chris Davis would just strike out more and drop his batting average by about 60 points, his Mark Reynolds impersonation would be spot on. Davis has been seeing the field regularly and is hitting the ball great. On the season he is over .300 and has managed to hit five home runs. Davis is starting to fulfill his potential and is worth the add to help you at the corner infield positions.

No. 4 – The Chicago Cubs and Cincinnati Reds were rained out on Tuesday. Jeff Samardzija will face off with Bronson Arroyo when the teams get together on Wednesday. Make sure you adjust your lineup if you had Samardzija moved out after you anticipated him pitching Tuesday. On the other hand, if you had Arroyo starting, you may want to rethink playing fantasy baseball!

No. 3 – Brandon Beachy and Cole Hamels engaged in a pitching duel as the Philadelphia Phillies got the best of the Atlanta Braves on Tuesday. Both pitchers turned in impressive performances, but neither ultimately figured in the decision. The National League East Division is full of solid pitching and has the looks of a fantasy pitching breeding ground for many years to come.

No. 2 – Jonathan Niese was hit hard by the hapless Houston Astros on Tuesday, giving up six earned runs while only lasting three innings. Niese had been impressive in all of his starts up until this point. Don’t give up on Niese if you added him based on his early success, but you would be well served to closely monitor his performance before you count on him weekly.

No. 1 – If you were hesitant to grab Fernando Rodney, you may have already missed out on a great source of saves. Kyle Farnsworth was moved to the 60-day Disabled List this week and Rodney is plugging right along with another save and three strikeouts on Tuesday. Rodney already has eight saves. By the time Farnsworth returns next month he may well find himself out of a job.

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