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Daily 10: May 25

#10 The Detroit Tigers are a mess, there’s just a lot of bad baseball being played there right now.  Owners of their bats, sans Delmon Young – he can go, are urged to stay patient but something needs to shoot them in the arm.  Soon.

#9 The Will Venable/Michael Brantley platoon has had a very productive week, 7/14 5 R 1 HR 3 RBI 2 SB.  With all of these injuries those in daily leagues need to keep exploiting platoons like this one.

#8 The walks are concerning, but if an impatient owner dumped Justin Masterson and you need pitching help pick him up.  Other than the free passes he has been just as strong as he was last year, the numbers will follow and this team is going to give him winning opportunities.

#7 The buy low window on Albert Pujols is officially closed, there were some pretty laughable offers being tossed around earlier this month in my opinion, hope you got one of them.

#6 Has ESPN noticed that the other super prospect Mike Trout is having an unreal debut while Bryce Harper has been quite mediocre?  East-Coast-Bi-As *clap*clap*clapclapclap*

#5 After a 3/4 day with 3 runs, 4 rbi, and a steal Melky Cabrera is now sitting on the following line – 31/2/22/7/.362.  No, he will not keep that up.  Yes, find the guy in your league that thinks it will and sell him off.

#4 I didn’t expect Alex Gordon to come close to repeating his 2011 performance, Jeff Francoeur and Eric Hosmer too, but the starts from all three of them are ridiculous.  Might be time to try and get them as a throw-in on a bigger trade.

#3 I didn’t think there was a market for Logan Morrison, but in trade talks in one of my leagues last week he was asked as a capper to make it happen.  I didn’t hesitate to toss him in there.  If you can move him, for anything really, do it.  Long term I like him, but that knee isn’t right and it won’t be as long as he keeps playing 5-6 days per week – even at 1B.

#2 Dee Gordon was very over valued preseason, but now is the time to pounce.  He’s available on waivers in some leagues and he could be bought for scraps in others.  I don’t know if he’ll get it right but with Bonifacio on the shelf for 4-6 weeks Gordon is the only SS with 50+ SB potential.  Given the cost, the risk is more than justified.

#1 It’s Memorial Day weekend and the bottom of the AL East is full of Yankees and Red Sox.  For most of the baseball watching country, all smiles, and enjoy it because it won’t last.  Have a great weekend everybody!

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