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Daily 10: May 3

10 – Let’s start with the major news of today.

  Jared Weaver threw the second no-hitter of the year last night, and was utterly dominant.

  I have to be honest, I avoided Weaver in all of my leagues this year, and I’m certainly the one wearing pie in my face.

  He’s been outstanding almost every night.


9 – Lots of worry at the 3B position around the league.

  Ryan Zimmerman has been on the DL.

  Evan Longoria is out for 2 months now.

  Kevin Youkilis followed on Wednesday.

  Now, word coming out of San Francisco is that Pablo Sandoval has an injury to his hand, and that is a big concern.

  I don’t ever want a guy on my roster that has hand or wrist issues, and even if this injury is minor, there is reason for concern.



8 – So what to do at the 3B position if you’re without one of these guys listed above?

  Well, praying for them to get healthy is a good start.

  However, if you’re not up for that you need to have a plan of action.

  Hopefully you were savvy enough to grab Will Middlebrooks off the wire.

  If you did not, and he’s still out there, you need to add him ASAP.

  Other than that, 3B is pretty thin….and I hope you already have a plan in place.

  Keep coming back here for possible news of call ups including Nolan Arenado who may be up sooner rather than later.


7 – Giancarlo Stanton is starting to hit the ball….and none too soon.

  Three home runs in his past four games is the type of production you paid a second round price for. I have to admit that I was worried about the knee, and still remain a bit skeptical about his production throughout the year.

  But if you were hoping to buy low on him, it’s likely that window is about closed.


6 – Speaking of the Marlins, Heath Bell was awful again last night.

  He gave up 3 hits without getting an out, and that huge leash given to the big closer has to be much shorter than it was before.

  Steve Cishek is a very worthwhile addition in all leagues right now, whether you own Bell or not.



5 – Edwin Encarnacion absolutely on fire, and has likely been carrying your team’s power numbers if you are lucky enough to own him.

  However, now is the time to sell.

  I get that he’s hitting .326.

  I get that he has 9 HR.

  I get that he has 24 RBI.

  There’s still a reason you got him that late in the draft.

  He’s still a career .262 hitter, and that’s about where I expect him to finish up.

  Hope he stays hot for another week or so….but now’s the time to sell.


4 – A wild game in Atlanta last night was capped off by a walk-off HR by Chipper Jones.

  A 15-13 game is never one you expect to see, but you definitely don’t expect that with Roy Halladay starting for the Phillies.

  Couple that with a blown save by Craig Kimbrel, and you’ve got an odd night.

  Don’t let the poor effort by Halladay deter you.

  He’s still as elite a pitcher as you’ll ever find, and I fully expect him to dominate his next start.


3 – Ok, so now I’m back on the Jeff Samardzija bandwagon.

  I started it here, and was ready to bail.

  However, 2 strong starts in a row, and The Shark is a must-own right now.

  He’s still likely to implode every once in a while, but he’s certainly going to help your team out.

  This is the perfect example of why you don’t overdraft pitching early.

  Guys like this can be found every single year.


2 – Don’t look now, but the Orioles are playing very good baseball.

  They’re one game out of the AL EAST lead, and are getting solid pitching and timely hitting.

  I wouldn’t count on it lasting.

  Chris Davis is the epitome of a sell-high candidate, as there’s no way he can keep up this pace….is there?


1 – Now is the time to start paying more attention to the minor leagues.

  June often has many minor league call-ups, and this year will be no different.

  Maybe you missed out on Harper and Trout.

  You actually LIKELY missed out on them unless you drafted them.

  However, there’s an opportunity for you to have an impact player if you watch closely….and I have a feeling the next impact player coming up will be the afore mentioned Nolan Arenado.

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