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Daily Dynasty Notes: Tuesday, July 21, 2015

TUESDAY: BRYCE BROWN.  Welcome to Daily Dynasty Notes! This is not a formal article, but instead my thoughts as I go about my daily research. Some things may have a basis in fact, while others might just be my opinion. Either way, I’m here to help guide you as we build our dynasty teams into perennial champions.

TUESDAY, JULY 21, 2015

Last week, I mentioned Carolina WR Corey Brown. Well, over the weekend I couldn’t help myself and I cut Corey Brown to pick up my long-time man-crush Bryce Brown. Bryce had just gotten cut and I immediately jumped on him. His stock has fallen so far that he’s now waiver wire fodder. This was in a 12-team league with only 22 roster spots, and that includes a kicker and defense. No, I didn’t sour on Corey, I just can’t get Bryce’s magical back-to-back games from 2012, when he rushed for 347 yards and 4 TDs, out of my head.

What has he done since then? Nothing. But at only 24 years old with a ton of raw talent, if he ever puts it together he could be quite a fantasy asset. The fact that he’s in the last year of his contract and is in danger of not making the Bills roster are both positives in my opinion.

I’m willing to hold him at least through training camp to see how his situation shakes out. Obviously, I’m not going to tell everyone to go out and grab Bryce Brown. But I will say, that playing dynasty is about being in conrol of your team and sometimes making moves that just go against the grain.

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