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Dallas Cowboy Beat Writer – Mac Engel

Writer: Mac Engel

Newspaper: Dallas / Ft. Worth Star Telegram



Question 1

What is Dallas long-term plan for QB? What will they do if Drew Bledsoe is injured?

They willl  keep Bledsoe around for this year and maybe one more. They want see if 2005 backup Tony Romo can be more than anything than that. But he’s never thrown a regular season pass.


There is a split camp on No. 3 Drew Henson. Jerry Jones wants to see him have a chance, but it’s become obvious Bill Parcells does not like him at all.

That said, few believe the Cowboys have a quarterback of the future is on their roster.


Question 2

Is Julius Jones one of Parcell’s “guys”? What are the Cowboys doing to keep him healthy this year?

Jones can’t be considered one of Parcells’s guys because he’s been so injured in his first two seasons. Parcells doesn’t like injured guys. But he believes Jones isn’t injury prone; he’s been unlucky.


The Cowboys can’t do much more than they are doing to keep him on the field. A sprained ankle happens. A busted shoulder happens. But the consensus is if he isn’t their No. 1 back this season for all 16 games, they have to look elsewhere.


Question 3

Terrell Owens is now Dallas‘ mess. The Sporting News had an article that implied Parcells would be able to keep Owens in line. What do you think?

Bill Parcells is one of the few coaches who has an ego bigger than TO’s. And those who know both Owens and Parcells believe he is the one coach who can reach/control the player.


This will work for at least one year. Since no one believes Parcells will be here for more than one year, than after that, TO will be someone else’s problem to deal with.


Question 4

How will Anthony Fasano affect Jason Witten’s receiving numbers?

It won’t. Witten is a Pro Bowler, and Fasano will have a catch here and there for now.


Player Listing



Drew Bledsoe

As long as he’s not on his back, he should have a fine season.

Drew Henson

Don’t expect him to play.

Julius Jones

He has to be on the field, period.

Marion Barber

He’ll catch passes and run 8 to 10 times a game.

Terrell Owens

He won’t catch 100 passes in this system, but he’ll fine … provided he’s healthy.

Terry Glenn

He’ll have a big season, as long as he stays on the field. He’s 32.

Skyler Green

He’ll be a kick/punt returner.

Jason Witten

Pro Bowler due for a bigger season. Who covers him?


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