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Dear Bomb

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Thank you all for your great responses!! For brevity’s sake, I’ve condensed some of them and chosen a range of topics out of the responses (I wish I could include all of them!).

Draft day arrived and I was again reminded that, no matter what, I’ll never be one of the guys! The announcement from our commish welcomed a girl to the league but then reasoned that I managed to win our league last year by picking the players with the nicest butts. Do you think he’d EVER say that about another guys team? Personally, I think he was upset because I had stolen his draft strategy. The final result is that I’ve changed my team name to Nice Butts. We’re heading into Week 1 and I have to admit I’m a little concerned about my team. I had the luxury of picking 9th and ended up with all 2nd tier players because of the way the draft went. Not bad, just not good!! On a side note, I bet a bottle of crown with the team on the elbow (12th pick) that I could beat him since he claimed he’d never live it down if he lost to the first girl ever in the league!!

Anyway, on to the weeks email:

Dear Bomb,
As far as “relying” on men for fantasy advice, my advice is to watch the games and form your own opinion. Men are not pre-qualified as fantasy experts based on their testosterone. Read what the NFL coaches and scouts have to say. Study the game of football from a statistics and historical perspective. Learn about football related injuries. Watch Coaches to learn their tendencies and trends. If you do all these things, you will be the expert, and men will come to you for advise instead of just your phone number. Good luck this year.

I agree, I guess I should say I’ve had to rely mostly on men to bounce ideas off of. I feel like it’s always good to get another opinion, they may have read or seen something I didn’t.

Dear Bomb,
This is the 7th year that I have been playing fantasy football. I started playing so I could be part of my husbands Sunday’s in 1997. I’ve learned so much in the 7yrs I’ve been playing and one of the things I’ve learned is that when they loose to a girl they are very crazy. Last year me and the only other girl on my team went to the playoffs against two of the men. I won my game, and went on to the Super Bowl in our league. And let me tell you, the men that did not go were fit to be tied!

This year I’m picking 4th in first round of 8 cutthroat teams in our league. I can’t decide if I want the 4th best running back or the #1 Wide Receiver. I dont know why I’m second guessing myself because I made it all the way to the Super Bowl last year but as you know the seasons change and luck must be on your side.

It sounds like I should be asking you for advice!! You rock!! And I love that you get the guys all worked up. The guys from last year still grumble about my winning the Super Bowl. They’re sure taking me a little more seriously this year.

I’m assuming this isn’t a keeper league and since I don’t know your scoring system I am being pretty general. I think that at the 4th pick you should still take a stud RB. They are like gold and go at least 6 deep with Holmes, Tomlinson, Green, Portis, Alexander and McCallister. Wait for at least the second pick for a top WR, although I’d probably go RB 1 and 2. With only 8 teams I would imagine that Moss, Harrison or Holt make it back around. Of course, every draft is different so have a backup plan in case the WRs go.

Dear Bomb,
My scoring system on a 12-team league is a typical Yahoo setup with the typical 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 DEF, and 1 K. I know the first two rounds I will need to draft my RBs but when should I take a QB? I have been reading a lot of material and some say 4th round but some say maybe 5th to 6th rounds. What’s your opinion of this year’s QBs and their point differentials and impact on my scoring…..I don’t want to be the one that loses to a “GIRL”….

The thing with your scoring system is that its heavy on TDs for QBs, making players like Manning more valuable, so you have to evaluate your players with that in mind. The Sharks site player projections can be customized based on your scoring system, I recommend that as a place to start. And note that I said a place to start, not what to go by. Read up about the off-season changes, the players, coaches, etc. and adjust the rankings to what you think will work best for you. I’ve noticed that after the first 3-5 QBs and WRs there’s a pool of them that will typically score within a few points of each other on any average week. In contrast, the delta between RBs diminishes a lot faster as you move down the list. So unless you can get Manning, McNabb, or Culpepper and think a good RB will make it back to you, you can wait until the 4th or 5th round and still get a good QB.

Dear Bomb,
Name your projections for the top 5 fantasy RB & WR for this coming season?
Who will be the two biggest sleepers to emerge at WR & RB?

I’ll give you my top 10 these are based on 1pt per 20 yards, 6 pts per TD scoring and some of them are just a personal feeling based on my research. For instance, I dropped Jamal Lewis because I’m concerned he’ll be in jail at the end of the season and had a major dilemma deciding between Faulk and DD but went with Faulk, hoping he stays healthy!

Moss, RandyHolmes, Priest
Owens, TerrellTomlinson, Ladainian
Harrison, MarvinGreen, Ahman
Holt, TorryAlexander, Shaun
Johnson, ChadPortis, Clinton
Moss, SantanaMcAllister, Deuce
Ward, HinesJames, Edgerrin
Coles, LaveranuesLewis, Jamal
Chambers, ChrisFaulk, Marshall

I would think about Najeh Davenport if Green goes down. He’s already getting some of the goal-line carries and looks to have a lot of potential. For WR I took a flier on Tyrone Calico late in my draft. He has great speed on a strong offense and has an awesome QB throwing to him (look how good McCaerins came out in the same situation last year). Of course, since then hes gone down to surgery so at this point I’d look at

Javon Walker. He finished last year strong, is coming into his 3rd year and has Favre throwing the ball (who likes to spread it out a bit).

Thanks again for the great response and good luck in Week One!!

The Bomb

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