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Dear Bomb, PANIC TIME? I Think Not!

I put my best players out there for one of my leagues and they did nothing. My quarterback scored 2/3 of my total points – ouch. Luckily it’s only Week 1 and Fantasy leagues are not won or lost in week one. This is a game of adjustments and now I have time to lick my wounds and come back fighting.

Being the first year I have two teams is also opening up a new experience for me – I don’t know whom to cheer for half the time because on one league I’m playing against my own players from the other! My whole Sunday went something like this:

I wanted Tiki to do well because my boyfriend has him and I’m not playing against him… but then I figured out I was playing against him in my other league… so that meant he could do well but not too well… plus the other league is a performance league so yardage counts… well, then Tiki could gain a lot of yards but not score any TDs…. but that wouldn’t do because I was also playing against Ron Dayne in this league… CRAP!

Though for me it’s always the Texans first, then my fantasy players. How do you all handle the dilemma?

Moving on – let’s see if we can stir up some controversy with this week’s email:

Dear Bomb,
I’m beginning my 21st year of fantasy football and have been a Commish all that time. While I do believe the stories your readers send in about men getting upset when the women beat them, I also think it’s a little over done. Not to steal your thunder, as I’m sure it happens, but in two of the local private leagues I play in, the other Commish and I each have just one woman in each of our leagues. Both of us agree that active female owners who are on top of things are far more desirable than some guy who thinks he knows everything about FF and then never makes a trade, free agent move or only sometimes turns in a lineup. Not putting the women down here. Just that they are well respected in both of these leagues and we wish we had more of them as they are worthy opponents, when, just like anyone else, they are prepared and active participations in the league. -Viperman

Kudos to you for being open minded! I’m not saying that all guys are chauvinistic about women playing, or that it’s even that big of an issue. What started the debate is that in general I’ve been held to a different standard. I have to do better and know more just to prove that I’m worthy. For example, a lot of the guys on the sharks boards respect myself and the other ladies – but you’ll still find a few “quit acting like a girl” comments. I think it comes from previous experiences with girls getting involved just because it’s something to do or it’s something their boyfriends do and then not taking it seriously or giving up mid season. I’ve been in a league with some “girly” girls that drove me nuts. So it’s up to we ladies to keep setting a good example just as much as it up to the guys not to assume the worst.
The Bomb

Dear Bomb:
I was glad to see that there are other women proud to be part of a male dominated league. I have been playing in a fantasy league for 5 years now with 11 other males from amongst my relatives. I have certainly gained respect over the years. I was the first to really use value based drafting for which I got ridiculed. Not so anymore – the guys still pick on me but they know I was right and most have started to look at cheat sheets that use this. Good luck, my draft day is tomorrow. -Karen Hopkins

So you’ll be sending me a copy of your cheat sheet next year, right?! Though on this one I wouldn’t necessarily assume they were picking on you just because you are a female – you were also trying something new and you’ll get heckled for that no matter what sex you are. But the fact that they STILL pick on you makes me wonder… so keep kicking butt!!
The Bomb

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