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Dear Mr. Heimerdinger

Dear Mr. Heimerdinger

Let me uncork this plea by first stating that I’m still
smitten over Vince Young and what he did at the

University of


  I know the AFC South is a completely
different beast than the Big 12, but I’m still up in arms about Mr. Chow winning
the award for the most under-utilization of talent in the history of the NFL
last season.

  I know Vince didn’t have
much around him, and sadly the only real fantasy value on the team last season
could be found in the cesspool of over-indulgence called Lendale White.

  White was 6th in the league in
rushing attempts, yet 39th in the league in YPC (out of RBs that
totted the rock at least 100 times).

was also 1st in the league in Twinkies consumed.

  Lendale’s YPC was not all his own fault though.

  There’s reasons why Mr. Chow was fired.

Vince Young possesses the most unique talent a QB has ever
had in the history of the NFL.

  At the
moment though, he must feel like a butterfly waiting desperately to shed his
cocoon and show the world his magnificent wings.

  I watched Michael Vick and Vince Young as
close as anyone did during their college years, and they were by far the best
two running QBs in the modern NCAA era.

Obviously, their offenses were tailored to their strengths.

  However, no one, not even Vick, could move so
fluidly, and embarrass so many defenders with the football in his hands like
Vince Young did.

  It was a thing of
graceful beauty, and it was an honor to witness such physical abilities.

One of the greatest travesties in the history of sports occurred
last NFL season because of the way Vince was used.

  I watched almost every snap that the Titans
took last season, and if you blinked a few times, you might have missed the
only few designed running plays for Vince Young.

  How dare you Mr. Chow?

  I’m not asking for the role he played at

Texas, not even

  All I asked for was maybe 6 to 7
designed runs for Vince a game, not including his scrambling attempts when the
play broke down (whether it was his own bad reads or not), which constituted
practically all of his league-leading 390 rushing yards for QBs (second to
Tavaris Jackson with 260).

  That 130 yard
gap doesn’t even come close to the gap between these two players’ rushing

  I don’t want to hear anything
about injury risk.

  Every player is at
risk on every play in the NFL.

  You play
to win the game, and you win by playing to players’ strengths.


I was a little hard on Norm last season though.

  You’d never confuse the strengths and
skill-set of Vince Young for those of Carson Palmer or Matt Leinart.

  You shouldn’t confuse their team’s offensive
schemes in college either.

  The real
question here is what the Titans were thinking when they hired Chow to begin

  I’m not even going to mention the
stellar weapons the Titans have given Vince since he’s been in


  I just can’t wait for savior Justin McCareins
to invigorate Vince’s passing game.


  Justin McCareins?

  What a joke.

Chris Johnson intrigues me though.

I will say outright that I don’t believe Vince Young will
ever be a great pure passer; he’s not the greatest decision-maker and he
doesn’t have greatest mechanics in the pocket.

I don’t even think better WRs around him can turn him into a great
passer, but it sure helps.

  In any event,
you need to utilize the strengths of key players, especially the quarterback.

Dear Mr. Heimerdinger, would it be too much to ask of you to
design an offense around the amazing talent of your QB?

  I hope not.

I hope 6 to 7 designed runs per game for easily the greatest running QB
in the modern era isn’t asking for much, if not to at least keep defenses guessing.

  Please Mr. Heimerdinger?

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