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Deep Blue Sea Dynasty League Draft

Welcome to the 1st Annual Deep Blue Sea Dynasty League Draft.

In this fictional world of fantasy football, a group of men get together to be a part of their first dynasty league draft after creating their league last year. Each man has his own personality, which we see in our own fantasy leagues, and is looking to take home the Top Predator Championship Trophy… LET’S DIVE IN!

This is a full dynasty league with a 2-round rookie draft. Let’s get to know the members of the Deep Blue Sea Dynasty League:

2015 Champion (10th Pick, 11th Pick)


Frank is a savvy fantasy football guru and always finds value in his draft, which is obvious due to him being the reigning champion. Frank is a little cocky and very straightforward on his thoughts about his team and the other teams in his league. He likes his beer cold, his steaks rare, and is known for his ability to always pick the right guy week-to-week to beat you.

2015 Runner-Up (9th Pick, 12th Pick)

PatrickSilvertip Sharks

Just as the word “Silver” suggests, Patrick always seems to be the runner-up in every fantasy league he is in. It drives him crazy! Last year, he lost by 4 points in the championship game to Frank even though he had the best overall record in the league during the regular season. He is looking to add some rookies to finally get him over the top and have bragging rights!

3rd Place (8th Pick, 13th Pick)

BruceGreat White Sharks

The league creator that has won other fantasy leagues he is been involved in. Bruce is the ringleader and decision maker for this League. He is a likable guy, a little bit of a jokester, and was beaten by Frank in the playoffs last season. He is looking for redemption. When he created this league he thought he would be the winner every year.

4th Place (7th Pick, 14th Pick)


Rob is a young up-and-comer who was a ringer from the previous season. He was the last one added and was expected to be a joke and the guy that always finishes last but surprised everyone. After sneaking into the playoffs and narrowly losing to Patrick, everyone is taking him a little more seriously. He is a “nerd” of sorts in the fantasy football world who focuses on the data. to determine his decisions for his team.

5th Place (6th Pick, 15th Pick)

DougBull Sharks

This is getting old for Doug. He is always the last team out in any fantasy league playoffs he participates in. Doug is a little bit of a fireball and has a quick temper that has a plan heading into the draft and wants certain players to fall to him. He had some injuries derail his season and arguably had the most talented roster after last year’s draft. Doug has worked really hard this offseason and studied the rookies coming out of college to finally get his team over the hump to be a playoff team this year.

6th Place (5th Pick, 16th Pick)

PaulReef Sharks

Paul is a classic homer fantasy football player for his alma mater’s conference, the SEC. Graduating from LSU, he believes the SEC is the premier catalyst for NFL talent. He was in the middle of the pack in the regular season and needs a few young studs for his older roster.

7th Place (4th Pick, 17th Pick)

Eric Tiger Sharks

Eric is a boom-or-bust drafter. He always takes risks through the league draft or waiver wire. He likes the big dividends of taking a risk. He won a league once with this strategy and therefore now attacks all his fantasy football teams with a high-risk/high-reward mentality.

8th Place (3rd Pick, 18th Pick)

JoeLeopard Sharks

Joe has a comment or excuse for everything. There is always an injury, reason, or a miscalculation that happened which will be the reason why he can’t seem to be successful. His excuses last year were that he didn’t know the scoring format, had an injury to his best player, and his players always had tough matchups while his opponent had it easy.

9th Place (2nd Pick, 19th Pick)

JeffHammerhead Shark

If you want to make a trade in this league, you talk with Jeff. He wheels and deals like crazy to always try to make his team better, which did not bode well for him last season. He’s never satisfied with his roster and always thinks there is a way to improve it. This year’s draft does not allow trades, but don’t be surprised if he tries to negotiate one to happen following the draft.

10th Place (1st Pick, 20th Pick)

LarryGoblin Shark

Larry knows two things; he loves watching football but hasn’t figured out the whole fantasy football thing yet. He knows his X’s and O’s and can diagram what is going on when he watches games and is slowly learning the ins and outs of the fantasy aspect of football. This is his first fantasy league and he’s looking to be competitive next year.

The Draft

Bruce’s House on a Sunday Afternoon

Bruce: “Alright gentlemen, let’s get this show on the road. You have 2 minutes to make your selection, no trading draft picks, we are doing a 4-round serpentine draft as you know, so the Goblin Sharks with Larry will go 1st all the way to Frank, then the 2nd round will start with Frank and work our way back to Larry. Any Questions?

Frank: “Who you taking Larry?”

Larry: “You’ll find out, he is going to be the start of my rebuilding.”

Eric: “Gonna need more than just one guy to help that roster.”

Larry: “Laugh now, get beat later, Eric.”

Bruce: “Now that we got the pleasantries out of the way, let’s get started. Larry, you have two minutes.”

Larry: “Don’t need all that time, Bruce, I know where I’m going here at #1. The Goblin Sharks select Todd Gurley from the St. Louis Rams with their 1st selection.”

Paul: “You know he played the best competition in all of college football. NFL-type defenses every week and he just dominated week-to-week.”

Frank: “Guaranteed injured during preseason. Not gonna play a game for you in 2016.”

Joe: “Story of my last season, so many injuries to all my top players, it was ridiculous. “

Paul: “If he stays healthy though, he is going to be an absolute beast! Great pick Larry.”

Bruce: “Jeff, you’re up next.”

Jeff: “Since I’m not allowed to trade, I’m going to take Amari Cooper from Oakland. He and Carr will be making me happy for years!”

Paul: “Another great player, dominated in the SEC.”

Doug: “Just because he played in the SEC, doesn’t make him an amazing player there, Paul.”

Paul: “What conference won 8 straight college football titles?”

Doug: “Who lost to a 3rd string QB?”

Paul: “Luck.”

Doug: “I agree, Cooper is a stud, don’t get me wrong. You will be happy with that pick early and often there, Jeff.”

Bruce: “You’re up, Joe.”

 Joe: “If I didn’t have those injuries to my running backs, I would have been in the playoffs. I’m going to create some depth by taking Melvin Gordon from San Diego.”

Patrick: “Gordon is my pick for Rookie of the Year in 2016. Great pickup for immediate impact.”

Bruce: “That takes us to you, Eric.”

Eric: “This is a no-brainer to me, highest reward for me to take here at #4 would be Marcus Mariota from the Titans. I imagine Michael Vick-type numbers from him in a few years.”

Joe: “That is a classic Eric pick, go big or go home…”

Frank: “Or in his case, stay out of the playoffs for the next few years.”

Eric: “Definitely a big risk but has a huge upside if he can get it together.”

Bruce: “A quarterback off the board, gonna make it two there, Paul?”

Paul: “Nope! Had my eye on this guy at #5 since we got started. T.J. Yeldon is the pick for the Reef Sharks. A tough hole-hitting RB from the SEC!”

Jeff: “Very interesting pick with some good young wide receivers on the board.”

Paul: “Running backs are the fuel to fantasy football my friend, and I’ve got some premium here with Yeldon.

Frank: “Did you just compare a football player to a type of gas?”

Paul: “What about it?”

Bruce: “Moving on…… Doug, who is it going to be here at #6?”

Doug: “Tough decision, but I will go with the player that landed in the best situation in Nelson Agholar at Philadelphia here at 6.”

Frank: “Let me guess, it was between Agholor and White?”

Doug: “Yep, going to take a player that will fit perfectly in the system the Eagles run. Not to mention, I will sadly take Bradford in a Chip Kelly offense over Jay Cutler in any offense.”

Patrick: “No argument there…”

Rob: “Then I’ll take the sloppy seconds and select Kevin White from Chicago at #7, Bruce.”

Frank: “I will restrain from making the obvious joke here.”

Bruce: “Good idea, Frank. Alright, some wide receivers off the board and I will continue that trend by taking DeVante Parker from Miami with #8.”

Larry: “He fits well in their offense with they already have at wide receiver with Jones in the slot and Stills as the deep threat.”

Joe: “That also means a lot of mouths to feed in the passing offense.”

Larry: “That is a solid point, good overall offense doesn’t mean steady fantasy production from the same player week-to-week.”

Bruce: “We move to #9 and have our league runner-up, Patrick, selecting here.”

Patrick: “I will stop the trend at wide receiver and take the future of my quarterback position in Jameis Winston from the Bucs.”

Rob: “Insert joke about crabs here.”

Bruce: “We are going to stop that before that takes a turn for the worst. That leads us to our 2015 Champion, Frank. Who’s it going to be here at the end of the 1st Round?”

Frank: “I will gladly take Breshad Perriman of Baltimore. He will get me Torrey Smith-like production year 1 in that offense.”

Eric: “I’m a fan of that pick, Frank, even though I hate to admit it. He has high potential to be the future of that offense with Steve Smith getting older.”

Jeff: “I’d like to have a solid receiver with his type of production, can we discuss some possible trade scenarios after the draft, Frank?”

Frank: “We can have a discussion, no promises.”

Bruce: “That concludes our first round. Just to recap:

#1 Larry – Todd Gurley, RB, St. Louis Rams

#2 Jeff – Amari Cooper, WR, Oakland Raiders

#3 Joe – Melvin Gordon, RB, San Diego Chargers

#4 Eric – Marcus Mariota, QB, Tennessee Titans

#5 Paul – T.J. Yeldon, RB, Jacksonville Jaguars

#6 Doug – Nelson Agholor, WR, Philadelphia Eagles

#7 Rob – Kevin White, WR, Chicago Bears

#8 Bruce – DeVante Parker, WR, Miami Dolphins

#9 Patrick – Jameis Winston, QB, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#10 Frank – Breshad Perriman, WR, Baltimore Ravens”

Joe: “5 wide receivers in the first round. Two straight years of plenty of talent at that skill position.”

Frank:Odell Beckham Jr. led me to a championship last year among those studs.”

Bruce: “Thanks for reminding us, now are you ready to kick off the 2nd round?”

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