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Deeper & Down

Kelley Washington
(BAL, WR) 7%

Last week was not

Washington’s most glorious game – one reception for 10 yards
– but credit the

Cincinnati pass rush and a bad
day at the office from the usually unflappable Joe Flacco than this being any
fault of

He’s a sure-handed wide receiver that comes down with the ball (his targets-to-catch
ratios back that up) so all concerned will be hoping for better numbers all
around this week!

The Browns defense is in
a bad way and their secondary has yet to show up.

Baltimore will be licking their lips at the
thought of getting stuck into an offense that has flip-flopped between quarterbacks
all season (it’ll be Brady Quinn under center this weekend, or is it Derek
Anderson, no Quinn, no wait …). Any

player is worth a flier this week – I can even see Willis McGahee getting a
score into garbage time when they decide to rest Ray Rice. As for IDP’s – if
your league caters for it – no one will have a bad day there, although
bizarrely the inability of the Browns to keep a drive alive (and therefore
keeping the Baltimore defense off the field) will have more impact on their
numbers than any offensive display would credit.

Good matchup. He’s an
available player with opportunity on a team that will look to pummel on an
ailing franchise rival.

Lance Long (KC, WR) 1%

Here’s the bad news – He’s
playing for

Kansas City.
Here’s the good news – 16 targets in two games. That bad news again?

Kansas City’s offense.
Exactly. Now whilst last week’s opponent is not exactly defensive giants of the
game (

which has a terrible, terrible defense at the moment), they still need to
actually convert those offensive opportunities and I don’t think anyone was
more surprised than the Jags at how close the Chiefs actually managed to run


is not the team of yesteryear
defensively, but whereas

Jacksonville can dig
themselves out of their defensive shortcomings with a decent offense (Maurice
Jones-Drew, Mike Sims-Walker, David Garrard),

Oakland does not have that luxury. Darren
McFadden is back this week, but honestly? He has failed to ignite the offense
so far, so we have to wonder just what exactly that’s going to change this
week. Return of the prodigal? Probably not – it’s possible, but on this season’s
form it’s unlikely, which is a shame as his skill set is certainly one that
would enrich the NFL.

Pro Bowl cornerback
Nnmandi Asomugha will undoubtedly spend most of his time looking after Dwayne
Bowe, but with the emergence of what appears to be a legitimate WR2 (Mark
Bradley and Bobby Wade haven’t made any great waves this season thus far) – or
at the very least a second wide receiver with whom Matt Cassel has a rapport
and chemistry – then it opens up the field for all the offense to improve upon
their numbers. Not something they’d have much trouble doing as a regression
would be almost impossible at this stage.

It’s also worth noting
that the

Kansas City
franchise – in terms of playing personnel – is a very young one and the removal
of Larry Johnson (who was placed on waivers) will have one of either two
effects: it will either galvanize them or cause them to regress with the loss
of a veteran offensive presence. To be honest, L.J. might be many things, but a
constructive and team-orientated player is not something he has been for a few
seasons now.

In points-per-reception
formats he’s definitely worth the add and in all other deeper leagues he’s
worth a punt.

Early Doucet (ARI, WR)

Doucet drew comparisons
to Reggie Wayne going into the draft, and for good reason. As a college athlete
he was prolific in four different sports – in one season even playing in all
four different postseason games.

The problem Doucet has is
that his ability to play is linked to two other players – Anquan Boldin
(fitness) and Jerheme Urban (special teams ability). So like it as not, this
guy is more a dynasty pick than a weekly pickup.

Coach Ken Whisenhunt
cited Doucet’s progression as a reason to bench Boldin against Chicago (as well
as the field conditions and Boldin’s lingering high ankle sprain, which has
meant he hasn’t been able to finish to a game this season so far). Boldin’s
nebulous contract status, advancing age (29) and injury problems would mean
that it might not be the world’s biggest shock were he to part company at the
season’s end. Boldin doesn’t trust the Cards’ front office and they, in turn,
are tired of his complaints and frustrated by his injuries. In much the same
way as Andre Caldwell has stepped up to replaced T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Steve Breaston
will likely become the WR2 and Doucet the WR3. Just as much as it is in Indianapolis
– and not in Baltimore – the WR3 position in Arizona is more than just an
afterthought and fantasy worthy.

This is a dynasty pick
and I’ll reiterate this and one or two others at the season’s end – but until
then if Boldin gets injured again? Keep an eye on Doucet, the only reason Urban
has been getting the nod over him so much this season thus far is only down to
a rib injury sustained very early on this year.

Dishonorable Mentions:

Beanie Wells (ARI, RB)

– Wells is
becoming more and more the back that we anticipated he would be coming out of
the draft. Tim Hightower is still the back to own in Arizona – but only just
about as with every passing week Beanie is showing more and more what he is
capable of producing. It’ll be interesting to see what happens in the running
back situation in Arizona over the coming weeks.

Andre Caldwell (CIN,
WR) 26%

– With
the loss of Chris Henry through an unfortunate injury, Caldwell will look to
occupy the looks that Henry was starting to eat into.

Jamal Lewis (CLE, RB)

 – Not
for any particular reason, other than being brave enough to saying what
everyone else has been thinking for the last month or more … (he said he
wants his team to win)

Josh freeman (TB, QB)

– His stat
lines were decent, but to be honest it was his poise and
decisions under center that gets him a mention this week as a rookie quarterback
in his first full start against a decent team playing for a team on an 11-game
losing streak. I’m looking forward very much to watching his performance this
week against a good Miami pass defense and how he sets about cracking it. He
will make mistakes, but he looks talented enough to consider right now.

James Elvins (author)

– For getting this week’s article
to you despite being on holiday and the laptop having died. No sacrifice too
small for fantasy sharks!


Sammie Stroughter (TB, WR)
– 19 yards and a touchdown

Fred Davis (WAS, TE) – second-most
targeted Redskin, which still only managed 26 yards as Jason Campbell was sacked
five times.

Chris Henry (CIN, WR) –
20 yards (managed to break his forearm and has had successful surgery – now on
Injured Reserve)

Mike Thomas (JAC, WR) – 0
fantasy points

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