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Defensive Back Break Down

I used
to get my information, using the standard scoring system.

I wanted to know what position was the most consistent producer of points in the defensive backfield. What I found out is that over the past five years the cornerback has been No. 1 in four out of the last five years. Charles Tillman has been No. 1 the last two years, and the strong safety position has been at the second spot in the last five years.

What I did was break these down into the top-5, top 10 and top 20 over the past five years. Here is what I came up with. I also found the position of defensive back in my rankings so I used them in this but they could be plugged in anywhere.

Top 5

SS 36%

CB 25%

FS 16%


DB 0%

TOP 10

SS 38%

CB 30%

FS 24%


DB 0%

TOP 20

SS 37%

CB 32%

FS 21%


DB 2%

You can notice that the strong safety is the biggest producer of points but it is very close when you get to the top 20. When drafting your defensive backs it is obvious that the strong safety position is more likely to be the point producer but it’s not that much of a difference. I am sure that I would try to get as many strong safeties as I could, but having a cornerback or free safety in your lineup wouldn’t hurt.

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