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DFS: FanDuel Plays of the Week–Divisional Round



  1. Josh Allen $8800 vs. Baltimore Ravens (8th)
  2. Lamar Jackson $8000 at Buffalo Bills (16th)
  3. Aaron Rodgers $8400 vs. Los Angeles Rams (1st)
  4. Jared Goff $6700 at Green Bay Packers (4th)

Skinny: Tough to get away from Josh Allen again this week…seems in complete control, even against some the leagues top defenses…Lamar’s rushing ability cannot be ignored…in an anticipated high-scoring affair, I like both Allen and Jackson in this spot.


  1. Cam Akers $7000 at Green Bay Packers (28th)
  2. J.K. Dobbins $6500 at Buffalo Bills (18th)
  3. Aaron Jones $7800 vs. Los Angeles Rams (5th)
  4. Devin Singletary $5700 vs. Buffalo Bills (13th)

Skinny: We have hammered it home all season long—the way to beat the Packers is to run at them…well, the Rams seem to have zeroed in on their back Cam Akers…and you have to love that 7K price tag…I expect the Ravens to come out and wear down the Bills defense with their rushing attack, making J.K. Dobbins a nice play at just $6500.


  1. Robert Woods $6600 at Green Bay Packers (4th)
  2. Stefon Diggs $8600 vs. Baltimore Ravens (6th)
  3. Davante Adams $9000 vs. Los Angeles Rams (1st)
  4. Marquise Brown $6500 at Buffalo Bills (5th)
  5. Gabriel Davis $5400 vs. Baltimore Ravens (6th)
  6. Cole Beasley $5900 vs. Baltimore Ravens (6th)

Skinny: Robert Woods is my favorite value play on the slate…I believe Cooper Kupp will suit up and get the Jaire Alexander treatment from the Packers…if this is the case, I see the passing game going through Woods…you have to pay up significantly for Stefon Diggs—worth it…the Ravens secondary is tough, but they struggle more with elite route runners than physical receivers…advantage Diggs.


  1. Mark Andrews $6600 at Buffalo Bills (27th)
  2. Robert Tonyan $6200 vs. Los Angeles Rams (8th)
  3. Tyler Higbee $5200 at Green Bay Packers (5th)
  4. Dawson Knox $5000 vs. Baltimore Ravens (14th)

Skinny: I believe that Mark Andrews is in store for a big game here…Bills struggle with athletic, pass catching TE…if the Rams are committed to eliminating the big play and limiting Davante Adams, I would expect Robert Tonyan to receive a ton of work in the intermediate.


  1. Green Bay Packers $4600 vs. Rams (23rd)
  2. Buffalo Bills $4000 vs. Ravens (8th)
  3. Baltimore Ravens $3600 at Bills (4th)
  4. Los Angeles Rams $3800 at Packers (1st)

Skinny: I’m not crazy for any of these options to be frank…I lean the Packers if any, due to the injury to Jared Goff’s thumb and the increased likelihood that it could result in turnovers in colder weather.



  1. Patrick Mahomes $9200 vs. Cleveland Browns (25th)
  2. Drew Brees $7300 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (15th)
  3. Tom Brady $7700 at New Orleans Saints (11th)
  4. Baker Mayfield $7400 at Kansas City Chiefs (22nd)

Skinny: Patrick Mahomes is around 2K more expensive than the other QB options on the slate, but how do you get away from him…the Browns defense has been shredded by the pass all season long, and I struggle to see them slowing down Mahomes and the Chiefs weapons.


  1. Lev Bell $6000 vs. Cleveland Browns (8th)
  2. Kareem Hunt $6200 at Kansas City Chiefs (23rd)
  3. Nick Chubb $8200 at Kansas City Chiefs (23rd)
  4. Alvin Kamara $9000 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4th)

Skinny: Lev Bell and Kareem Hunt for 6K and $6200 respectively are far and away the best values on the slate…I’m not expecting Clyde Edwards-Helaire to suit up for the Chiefs (stay tuned)…if this is the case, Lev Bell will get all the work he can handle…the Browns game plan has to surround around keeping the ball away from Mahomes, which should benefit both Nick Chubb and Kareem Hunt.


  1. Michael Thomas $7200 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22nd)
  2. Antonio Brown $6400 at New Orleans Saints (16th)
  3. Tyreek Hill $8800 vs. Cleveland Browns (25th)
  4. Chris Godwin $7500 at New Orleans Saints (16th)
  5. Jarvis Landry $6900 at Kansas City Chiefs (3rd)
  6. Mecole Hardman $5200 vs. Cleveland Browns (25th)

Skinny: Michael Thomas continues to be an extreme value here at $7200—don’t overthink it…if Marshon Lattimore is on Mike Evans, which we expect, I like both Antonio Brown at $6400 and Chris Godwin at $7500 as solid plays in a game where we anticipate a ton of points.


  1. Jared Cook $5600 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (23rd)
  2. Rob Gronkowski $5600 at New Orleans Saints (19th)
  3. Travis Kelce $8500 vs. Cleveland Browns (30th)
  4. Austin Hooper $5500 at Kansas City Chiefs (25th)

Skinny: The Buccaneers really struggle against the TE position…Devin White cannot contain Jared Cook down the seam…this is the spot for Rob Gronkowski to rekindle his connection with Tom Brady…both options at just $5600 are much more cost effective than Travis Kelce at $8500.


  1. Kansas City Chiefs $4200 vs. Browns (12th)
  2. New Orleans Saints $4800 vs. Buccaneers (7th)
  3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers $3500 at Saints (3rd)
  4. Cleveland Browns $3200 at Chiefs (6th

Skinny: Your hope if your picking the Chiefs defense is that Kansas City boat races the Browns, gets up big early, and turns up the pass rush…the Saints have obliterated the Buccaneers twice this season…I know it’s tough to do, but it’s also just possible that they’re a nightmare match-up for the Bucs and the Saints work them once again.

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