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DFS GEMS: Week 3

Well week 2 was much friendlier to me than week 1 was, that’s for sure! Week one is always a fickle beast but once we have seen some game action we can get a much better feel for the way things are going vs. how we think they should go. We saw some serious shootouts and still no Le’Veon Bell (much to the dismay of countless season long players) and all in all it was a successful week for me with a number of top 10% finishes across a number of GPP contests. I hope you fared well in week 2 but as always, before we move on to week 3 lets take a look back at how our picks did last week:

Alex Smith QB, Washington Redskins (DraftKings $6,000 FanDuel $7,100)

13.08 points – This game did not go according to plan at all. The Colts played well against Smith and the Redskins offense really never got going in this one. Much of the production came in garbage time but at the end of the day, 2x the investment won’t cut it.

Ben Roethlisberger QB, Pittsburgh Steelers (DraftKings $6,900 FanDuel $7,600)

41.98 points – Ben at home vs a red-hot opponent is almost always going to bear fruit. 6x value is the kind of stuff that wins GPP’s. Nice outing from Ben in this shootout loss.

Jimmy Garoppolo QB, San Francisco 49ers (DraftKings $6,000 FanDuel $7,300)

16.64 points – The points didn’t kill any lineups but they 16.64 won’t get you to the promised land. This Lion’s defense is definitely one to target going forward but this result is a bit of let down.

Nick Foles QB, Philadelphia Eagles (DraftKings $5,700 FanDuel $7,300)

19.66 points – Nice to have your “bottom-dollar” QB pay off. It was risky with Foles’ recent play but the match up with the Bucs inviting secondary paid off as expected.

Adrian Peterson RB, Washington Redskins (DraftKings $5,500 FanDuel $6,700)

8 points – Washington trailed pretty much the entire game taking Peterson out of much of the game-plan. This of course was the complete opposite of what was expected out of Vegas but what are you going to do? These things happen early on in the season while Vegas tries to get a handle on things.

James Conner RB, Pittsburgh Steelers (DraftKings $6,700 FanDuel $7,000)

19.5 points – KC jumped out to a 21-0 start causing the Steelers to all but abandon the run right off the bat. Thankfully Conner hit pay dirt, and caught 5 passes because 8 carries is not the kind of volume you need out of your RB.

Melvin Gordon RB, Los Angeles Chargers (DraftKings $7,400 FanDuel $8,200)

30.60 points – Fantastic showing from Gordon who only needed 15 touches to score 3 touchdowns. That sort of production is obviously unsustainable but the juicy match up wasn’t wasted.

Alfred Morris RB, San Francisco 49ers (DraftKings $3,600 FanDuel $5,800)

10 points – This dirt-cheap RB play was a recommendation made almost exclusively out of projected game flow. The Lions put up a lot more fight than expected and the late game grind never happened. His counterpart Matt Breida had a nice day finishing with 159 all purpose yards and a score proving the match up vs RB was what we thought it might be.

Alvin Kamara RB, New Orleans Saints (DraftKings $9,500 FanDuel $9,000)

17.90 points – For the price this is very disappointing. Just bad luck really, everything about this match up should have been proven to be a blow up spot for Kamara. Better days ahead.

Ezekiel Elliott RB, Dallas Cowboys (DraftKings $7,600 FanDuel $8,100)

19.70 points – 2.5x value isn’t a a GPP winning score but its not bad considering the fact that a lot of people likely faded Zeke with the Dallas offense sputtering at the moment.

T.Y. Hilton WR, Indianapolis Colts (DraftKings $6,700 FanDuel $7,200)

21.30 points – Nice outing for Hilton who once again paced all Colts with 11 targets on the day.

Kenny Golladay WR, Detroit Lions (DraftKings $4,800 FanDuel $5,700)

20.90 points – 4.35x value is outstanding ROI. Kenny was a difference maker in several GPP’s for me as many opted for the mainstay Lions receiving options. Look for that to officially change going forward.

Josh Gordon WR, Cleveland Browns (DraftKings $5,800 FanDuel $6,300)

N/A – a late scratch towards the end of the week followed by a Monday afternoon trade to New England took Gordon out of play in what could have been a great spot for production. Hopefully he sticks in New England where he could become a massive fantasy asset once again.

DeAndre Hopkins WR, Houston Texans (DraftKings $8,000 FanDuel $8,400)

26 points – Nice bounce back game for Nuk who now has 22 targets through 2 weeks.

Antonio Brown WR, Pittsburgh Steelers (DraftKings $8,800 FanDuel $8,900)

15.70 points – I threw Juju Smith-Schuster’s name out there as well and he managed 34.10 points. While that made him a much better value, its hard to pass on Brown’s  target consistency. The 15.70 points are a let down considering the kind of points that were literally thrown around in this game.

Tyreek Hill WR, Kansas City Chiefs (DraftKings $7,600 FanDuel $8,100)

20 points – I’ll admit I was a bit nervous watching as seemingly every other KC weapon hit pay dirt. Thankfully Hill crossed the goal line towards the end of the game to salvage a solid outing.

Jonnu Smith TE, Tennessee Titans (DraftKings $3,100 FanDuel $4,200)

0 points – These things happen when you dig this deep at TE. Smith was a question mark in this offense but you have to think he’ll have better days with a healthy Mariotta under center. Keep his name on your radar.

Jack Doyle TE, Indianapolis Colts (DraftKings $4,000 FanDuel $5,600)

4 points – Ebron got the touchdown but it could have just as easily been Doyle’s score. This usage split is a situation to monitor as Ebron appears to be the Colt’s preferred red-zone option of the two for the time being.

Ben Watson TE, New Orleans Saints (DraftKings $3,500 FanDuel $5,100)

4.9 points – As sporadic as this position I will continue to advise spending down on TE. 5 targets including 1 in the red-zone is solid usage for the price, we just didn’t get lucky here.

Jared Cook TE, Oakland Raiders (DraftKings $3,600 FanDuel $5,000)

8.9 points – He was second among all Raiders pass catchers in receptions and yards. This one very easily could have been much bigger but we’ll take the 2.5x value for the price.

On to week 3!

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