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Last week was rough. We had some nice hits with a lot of near misses and some flat out whiffs. That will happen when you are digging for value in DFS. There is a reason that players like DeShone Kizer cost $5,000 while players like Tom Brady cost $8,500. The key to this game is finding that sweet spot in value that gives you the edge over your opponent each week. Volume never hurts either but where’s the sport in that? I kid! I’m not above throwing 20 lineups on a single contest if I feel like I have a good read on it! Before we look at our Week 8 value picks let’s hold ourselves accountable and take a look back at how we did in Week 7:

DeShone Kizer QB, Cleveland Browns – 2.56 points

The Browns should have never come back to the NFL. Like I said, these sort of things happen when your scraping the bottom of the barrel for players.

Tyrod Taylor QB, Buffalo Bills – 20.02 points

Would have loved to see a rushing touchdown here but we’ll take the 20 points on our $5,100 investment!

Brett Hundley QB, Green Bay Packers- 12.88

He looked lost out there. You can’t wait until the receivers are visibly open to throw the ball! This offense is in trouble if they can’t get Hundley up to speed over the bye.

Joe Mixon RB, Cincinnati Bengals  – 9.80 points

The Bengals seem hell bent on killing Mixon’s value. He was in a dead split with Giovani Bernard most of this game. Until they unleash Mixon he’ll be tough to recommend.

Adrian Peterson RB, Arizona Cardinals – 4.30 points

So much for that… of course after going off in Week 6 he lays an absolute dud in Week 7. Carson Palmer being out will likely account for more work for AP but it sure didn’t help this past week as the Cardinals got shut out. Not a whole lot to go around in this one for the reeling Cardinals.

Mark Ingram RB, New Orleans Saints – 24.00 points

Ingram is coming on strong of late. Keep plugging him into your lineups. Kamara is getting snaps but its not a concern for Ingram’s overall value.

Carlos Hyde RB, San Fransisco 49ers – 12.80 points

This one got out of hand quick with the 49er’s trailing 17 at the half. Hyde’s match up was great but it’s tough to produce when you only get 6 carries in the second half.

Jay Ajayi RB, Miami Dolphins – 10.70 points

The Jets stacked up Ajayi pretty well on Sunday but this one could have been much better if the Dolphins hadn’t thrown two touchdowns from inside the 5 yard line. That’s the way it goes sometimes.

Christian McCaffrey RB, Carolina Panthers – 11.60

As expected, the rushing is almost non-existent but he did pull down another 7 receptions in this weird contest where zero offensive touchdowns were scored. Zero red-zone looks doesn’t help either but there wasn’t much to go around in this one.

Davante Adams WR, Green Bay Packers – 3.20 points

See; Hundley, Brent. Moving on.

Pierre Garcon WR, San Fransisco 49ers – 9.90 points

This game set up perfectly for Garcon with the 49er’s falling behind almost immediately. If only Brian Hoyer had been under center. I feel gross after writing that.

Michael Crabtree WR, Oakland Raiders – 11.40 points

This time last week Crabtree appeared to be the wide receiver to play in Oakland… my how fast things can change. It was good to see Amari Cooper get back to playing football in this monster outing but it really took some of Crabtree’s thunder. He salvaged an abysmal night with the game winning touchdown but it was Amari’s welcome back party last Thursday night.

Chris Hogan WR, New England Patriots – 11.10 points

He led all Patriots receiver in yards and targets but Brandin Cooks caught the touchdown. I’m blaming this mediocre outing on the fog and the Atlanta offense being completely inept. This game should have been a shoot-out. Instead we saw a Taylor Gabriel jet sweep on 4th and goal. I’m befuddled at the play calling in Atlanta right now.

Sammy Watkins WR, L.A. Rams – 7.20 points

Sammy just never got going in this one. I was right about a Rams wide receiver having a solid day but it was Cooper Kupp who got the touchdown in this contest. Sammy continues to be a deep flier at best these days.

Hunter Henry TE, L.A. Chargers – 11.30 points

Another solid outing, he just didn’t score. Out snapped Antonio Gates by his widest margin yet in this one 47-18!

Zach Ertz TE, Philadelphia Eagles – 19.90 points

Ertz looked pretty darn good out there. Once again, start your tight end vs. the Redskins every time! (it helps when he’s the top tight end in fantasy too.)

Jimmy Graham TE, Seattle Seahawks – 14.10 points

Not to shabby but the day could have been much bigger had he snagged more than one of his three red-zone looks. One of these opportunities was a dropped pass in the end zone. Still, he’s been one of the most consistent parts of this Seattle offense lately.

On to our week 8 DFS value plays!

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