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Ahhhhhh. This is a great time of concern for Icarus! I did fly too close to the sun like the son of the Greek God Daedalus. Classic millennial action by the way but I digress. Oh that is the virginator who just had the world on a string for three weeks. This of course alludes to the unfortunate “non-contact” injury accidentally received by the greatest 2017 NFL player in the name of Deshaun Watson. Not only is his talent in question for 2017 but his receivers are too. I am talking about you Will Fuller V. My tale has become all too familiar. How will the owner of such circumstance proceed?

The Perfect Team

Our Fantasy Football League is interesting; I try to get more teams but we only have a 10-team league. They consist of five in the East and five in the West. The problem in this league is that with only 10 teams you get a great inventory of NFL players to choose from. With such a deluge of information, what players should you choose? That means the results for the week. This involves the concept of the “perfect team.” That is the team that is chosen and the team that is not chosen. How did it go?

The Imperfect Team

It has come to pass when judging the NFL week you should prefer teams that are playing at home unless they are pathetic. So a general rule would be, “hey if my NFL team is .500 or less play the home team right now.” However, this rule only works most of the time. Come on. When it doesn’t work it does not work. I needed a 32-burger from wide receiver Jordy Nelson this evening and well it just did not happen. The Virginator is now 5-4 and desperately seeking points. Just like all fantasy football players.

My diary entry is about changing the clocks and Icarus. That happened over the weekend for mostly everyone!

Dear Diary

The concept of daylight savings came from none other than Benjamin Franklin. Are you kidding me? That is what I thought of when I heard about this. All I can say is that Franklin invented the greatest feeling for the “older-ish” in our country. Say what you say but for the Virginator fall back is considered a holiday!

The takeaway can be described as one sentence.

“Yo Dude, I got up at 10 a.m. on Sunday of Daylight Savings and it was no less than 1 hour earlier than I had before experienced the day before …. Thank you Benjamin Franklin for us older-ish folks!!!!”

And then there is Icarus.

You see and it is the reason why I bury this in the diary section so let us proceed. Icarus was the son of Daedalus. He was of course an expert craftsman and developed two sets of wings to egress from the terrible labyrinth of King Minos. I know Greek history is boring but the point is the Virginator like Icarus earned too many 70 burgers from Deshaun Watson and Will Fuller V, resulting in a potential fall into the sea!

Ha! You are now free to move about the inter-webbia!!!

Master D.

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