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It is Week 5 in the NFL and things are starting to shake out. Teams that started out great like Baltimore have come back down to earth. Teams that were left for dead because of injuries like New Orleans have found a way to win and even win over undefeated Dallas. Then you have teams on the outside looking in like Cincinnati and Pittsburgh, who played on Monday. The great part about Monday Night Football is that when two teams that have a record of 0-3 play against each other, one team comes away with a 1-3 record unless there is a tie. Why could I see that happening? For me, there seems to be a long hangover after my 194-point performance last week.

Offense Hard To Come By For Some

The nature of fantasy football does lend itself to feast or famine. Your team amazes you one week only to put up a real stinker the following week. For my team, I had only one burger performance in running back Wayne Gallman. I acquired the running back for the New York Giants after Saquon Barkley went down. Why is it that Gallman goes for 29 points, making him the most successful of all my players this week? I may have temporarily found my running back but the rest of my team was having issues. How can the Los Angeles Chargers win by a score of 30-10 and wide receiver Keenan Allen scores only nine points? No burger there. What is the outcome?

I am waiting out a Monday Night Football outcome. If running back James Conner goes for 34 points, I actually lose. But in the end, he only went for 26 and I squeak by. I have scratched my way back to 2-2 and the NFL is not the model of consistency we desire.

This last week was filled with strange games with unlikely results. For example how about if I stated the following: quarterback Tom Brady –zero touchdowns; quarterback Patrick Mahomes zero touchdowns; quarterback Jameis Winston – four touchdowns; running back Nick Chubb – 165 yards and three touchdowns (against Baltimore!)? The list goes on and on but it is these surprises that lead to unexpected losses. You have to be vigilant. Time has come to assess your fantasy football team. The past is only interesting; you have to always look forward.

Investigating Your Team – Deep Dive

Week 5 is a stepping off point for your fantasy football team. No matter what your record, realize that you must always go over and over the waiver wire. There will be a player acquired in the month of October who will propel your team forward; whether it is from an injury or just performance, be on the lookout.

Try to always identify potential points in a free agent and go for it. The players performing well today may not next week so try to be on the waiver wire looking for a difference-maker. Writer Doug Coutts on this website has a great article regarding this, named “Waiver Wire Wonders.” I find that some of his selections become the best way to round out your team.

Most of the opportunities happen where you least expect it like running back Wayne Gallman. Many of the opportunities come from the troublesome play by the defense of the opponent. For example, was that really the Baltimore defense on the field? At home? Giving up all those yards? And what is up with the Los Angeles Rams? If you have a passion for football, these questions come around.

My diary entry is about the state of replay affairs.

Dear Diary

We have been blessed with several cameras showing the games in 4K UHD. As a result, we have been witness to egregious and outrageous missed calls by the referees. There is a replay system now in place but something weird is happening as overturning a call on the field has become quite the event.

Whether it is the strange 100-yard Kansas City run-back of a football into the end zone with Detroit on the goal line or the new rule of pass interference, you have to ask yourself what is going on? I always thought I knew what pass interference was. But apparently I do not. When a player is grabbed by the arm and it impedes the play all is well if it is called on the field.

But if it is not called on the field the game is delayed only to have the outcome not reversed. What is up with that? The more we want transparency seems to mean less transparency when the final ruling comes out.

This only leads to more confusion and anger. Pass interference should be well-defined and obvious. Back to the drawing board NFL on the pass interference review.

Master D.

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