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DIARY OF A FANTASY VIRGIN: Championship Weekend

It is Championship Weekend and I went 2-2 over last weekend. All four home teams won. How boring is that? The end of the NFL season is nigh. Generally speaking it is a force that is both fantastic and very near. I have been left to know that we are there and when we are not there everyone knows. So it is with a gracious heart that I throw down this article.

And Then There Were 4

Holy Schnikes! We have on the NFC side two finalists in the names of the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints. In the AFC we have the New England Patriots visiting the Kansas City Chiefs. Can the Patriots find their way into another Super Bowl? Can the Rams prevail? Well let us work this out. It is a great day and therefore we are throwing results against the wall. It is more than you think but it is great funsies … so let us get to the point.

Sunday’s Games

In the first matchup on Sunday the Rams are heading to New Orleans. It is a heady time for the Saints. They have wide receiver Michael Thomas and running back Alvin Kamara. Generally speaking, the value of the game is the home team. So without further adieu I believe the Saints find a way to win this game. Well that happened faster than you think, right?

The second game sees the New England Patriots visiting the Kansas City Chiefs. All year the Kansas City Chiefs have played a game that is fast, fantastic, entertaining and just brilliant. However, we have learned one thing. The Patriots have lost on the road to Jacksonville, Detroit, Tennessee and Pittsburgh. All of them are something in common – teams that did not make the playoffs this year! The Patriots run into a buzz saw and Kansas City gets through the day.

Master D.

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