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I went 3-1 over the weekend and I am 7-1 overall. With 3 games left I am over .500 this year. My only loss this last weekend was the Dallas Cowboys losing by 3 points in a very, very thrilling game. But I know your main question: Where has the Virginator been?  Contrary to otherworldly news since I never miss an article, there must be a story right? Oh it involves a Hospital. It must. But nothing keeps me from my article. Just stay along for the end of the article and I will make a terse statement that describes the situation. So come along with me to Divisional Weekend Results.

My Weekend Results

All of the teams at this point in the game are playoff worthy. What happens though is that every team is exposed. All injuries, weaknesses, and mistakes show their hands. Teams sit on their playing hands the whole year up to this point. The Divisional Round is exciting because a bright light shines down on them. So let us begin.

It all started with the Seahawks of Seattle heading to the Falcons of Atlanta. Seattle is famous for their 12th man but that only helps when they are at home. Atlanta showed up and QB Matt Ryan delivered a knockout blow. Seattle’s defense could not contain Atlanta’s gun-slinging ways. Matty Ice went for 3 TDs as the Falcons came out on top with a final score of 36-20. What was exposed? Seattle’s passing defense and Seattle’s rushing offense as both had a tough go of it.

Then the Houston Texans came in to Foxboro to play their defensive matchup against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. I mentioned that Tom Brady could have a passing rating of 70 something and they would still win. I was wrong. He had a passing rating of 68.6 and they still won. It was an ugly game but New England triumphed on special teams and defense in a final score of 34-16.What was exposed? Brock Osweiler had 3 interceptions and 3 sacks for a passer rating of 47.6. That is all that needs to be said.

Then the recently hot Green Bay Packers traveled into Texas to play the crazy all season hot Dallas Cowboys. It was an evenly matched game but not enough pressure and weird Houdini type plays by QB Aaron Rodgers led to a dramatic field goal with time running out to win.  Unfortunately for Dallas, QB Dak Prescott failed to become the first rookie QB to win a playoff Divisional round game. He still went for 302 yards and 3 TDs? That is not so bad? Right? Green Bay wins 34-31 in a tight-tight game. So what was exposed? The Dallas Cowboys were just playing a game and the play calling was not as aggressive or “dangerous” as Aaron Rodgers. Proof of this came about in a play near the end where Dallas got to the red zone and they chose to clock the ball. Aggressive teams go for yards to keep the game going and possibly winning with a TD. Nope! They only got a field goal and the rest is history.

The last game saw the Pittsburgh Steelers go into Kansas City because the game was moved 7 hours due to an ice storm. The Steelers came in and won a close game with a final score of 18-16. Pittsburgh had 6 field goals. That means Kansas City did not give up a TD to any of the “Killer B’s”! Ben had 0 TDs and 1 interception and a passer rating of 73.5. But defense ruled this cold game as QB Alex Smith had 1 TD and 1 Int for a rating of 69.7. The game only got exciting at the end as there was a potential 2 point conversion to tie the game. But these teams were equally matched. What was exposed? KC just cannot win a playoff game. You can look it up as homework but come on! Win KC win!

But can this really be? Time has gone by really quickly this year.  Because there were just four. It is Championship Weekend!

Sunday’s Games

First up on Sunday are the H.O.T. hot-hot-hot Vonny Von Hotmeister Green Bay Packers against a structurally overall better team in the Atlanta Falcons. Until Atlanta proves to me they can win the big one and Seattle was not the same test, I have to go with Green Bay by a score of 35-25

The second game sees the Pittsburgh Steelers coming up to Foxboro to play the New England Patriots at home. Pittsburgh plays a style of defense that is primarily zone that should favor QB Tom Brady. But I have picked the Patriots to win without TE Rob Gronkowski and they just do not…ever.  They need a healthy Gronkowski. Until the Patriots prove to me they can win without Gronk, I have to go with the opponent Pittsburgh in a thrilling 23-21 game.


Dear Diary

The Virginiator apologizes to all his fans but there is a good reason for my delay. I was in the hospital. I was not even at home for I was away on vacation and having a “significant” stay in a hospital 1100 miles away from your home doctor makes for un-fun times.  Very much the opposite of fantasy football.

I wrote my last week’s article on a Samsung Galaxy SIII and it only took 9 hours. I waited until I got home to pen this article. Everyone is fine but Hospitals are a labyrinth where only the patient and smart patient prevail.

Ahh the wit…still got it.

Master D.

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