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The Diary of a Fantasy Virgin – Conference Championships

The prognostication results for this last weekend were 2 wins and 2 losses.  Neither up or down.  I am feeling like I am somewhere in the middle.  Article came in a little late this week.  Run a half marathon and finding out the oil heater in your home is not working like Peyton Manning‘s 2015 statistics and this is where we are.  But at least we are here.  So here are the one sentence recaps for the divisional playoffs.

Game 1 – Kansas City Chiefs 20 @ New England Patriots 27

  • Hello KC, my name is Tom Brady and you just are not.

Game 2 – Green Bay Packers 20 @ Arizona Cardinals 26 in OT

  • Hey, at least when we win the coin toss we ask for the football and score a TD to win.

Game 3 – Seattle Seahawks 24 @ Carolina Panthers 31

Game 4 – Pittsburgh Steelers 16 @ Denver Broncos 23

  • Chicken Parm you taste so goooooooooood!

Divisional Weekend Game 1  New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos

First up is the game between the two best teams in the AFC all year with records of 12 – 4.  The Cincinnati Bengals had the same record but without QB Andy Dalton they did not have a chance.  All that matters is how you are at the end.

The Case for the Denver Broncos.

The Denver Broncos are playing at home where they are 6-2 this year.  The Denver defense has found a way to cover up the dismal season of Peyton Manning. What do you think made it dismal?  The TDs (9)? The Ints (17)?  The yards (2,249)? Yikes!  Therefore the Denver defense is awesome-sauce! And they are at 1st in points and 1st in passing yards allowed.  The Denver defense will finally stop Tom Brady.

The Case for the New England Patriots

The New England Patriots have QB Tom Brady.  The Patriots have coach Bill Belichik.  The New England Patriots have WR Julian Edelman and TE Rob Gronkowski coming back from injury.  When New England played the Denver Broncos in Week 12 they lost in overtime.  Brady had 3 TDs and no Rob Gronkowski.

Tim’s take – Denver needs Edelman or Brady or Gronkowski to go out of this game.  They won’t and Peyton Manning will.  Patriots win!

Divisional Weekend Game 2  Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers

The second game sees the Arizona Cardinals visiting the Carolina Panthers.  These teams were the best teams in the NFC this year.

The Case for the Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers have QB Cam Newton.   The Carolina Panthers run the ball with Jonathan Stewart but he may not be playing.  The Carolina Panthers have a great defense with the likes of Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman.  Carolina hangs in every game.  You have to hang in the game when you win 15 games in a season.  In fact, 15 wins and Super Bowl appearances have some commonality.  Carolina being at home is a big advantage.  What is the current temperature in Charlotte, NC?  36 degrees Fahrenheit.  Current temperature in Phoenix, AZ? 59 degrees Fahrenheit.  ‘Nuff said.

The Case for the Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have a high-flying offense as well.  Number one in yards with 408.3.  Yes you saw that right, over 400 yards. They have WR Larry Fitzgerald.  They have QB Carson Palmer.  The team has a very well blended mix of veterans and youth.  For example, Dwight Freeney plays for them.  Bruce Arians is a veteran coach and can devise specific game plans.

Tim’s Take – Arizona needs the weather to cool off the Carolina Panthers offense.  It won’t, but it most certainly should do this to the Arizona Cardinals.  Panther’s win!

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