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It was Wild Card weekend and only two home teams won!  The home teams went 2-2 and so did I.  The Wild Card weekend was wild and entertaining but we have to get to the real games this weekend.  The games are all about trends and sometimes the trend is your friend.  Will the trend be your friend this weekend?  Let us see.


First up on Saturday are the Atlanta Falcons visiting the Philadelphia Eagles. The Philadelphia Eagles have the best seed in the NFC.  The Philadelphia Eagles have the best record in the NFC. The Philadelphia Eagles have everything but quarterback Carson Wentz. The team that was led by Carson is no longer run by Carson as that job is up to quarterback Nick Foles.  Nick was quite talented when forced to be the quarterback a few years ago. The Atlanta Falcons are favored and the NFC recipe is about defense. The home team should prevail every time but how are the Philadelphia Eagles going to score?  Oh they will, because Nick Foles is alright.  So look for Atlanta to struggle though they are deliberate.
The second game sees the Tennessee Titans coming into New England.  The Tennessee Titans went into Kansas City then beat the Kansas City Chiefs.  And they beat them by just the seat of their pants.  I predicted that Kansas City’s defense would scheme the heck out of quarterback Marcus Mariota; it worked a little bit but it gave way after a freak own catch resulted in the first touchdown for Tennessee.  I think Bill Belichick is going to really-really scheme quarterback Marcus Mariota.  This means easy time for New England at home as they carry on this week.


In the first matchup on Sunday the Jacksonville Jaguars visit the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Jacksonville has the defense and they did a great job on them defeating the Steelers October 8th.  This time it should be a little bit different and the Pittsburgh Steelers will find a way.
The second game sees the New Orleans Saints visiting the Minnesota Vikings.  The Vikings will be playing in the very stadium that the NFL is playing the Super Bowl this year.  Minnesota is fantastic.  Drew Brees is wonderful.  But New Orleans should be out of their element as the Vikings win this one on their home field.
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